Well, now we know how you feel...


US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has suggested that America would be prepared to take military action against Iraq - with or without Britain.
He told a press briefing that the US had alternative plans if the UK decides not to go to war with Iraq.

But Downing Street has expressed shock and surprise at his remarks, insisting that if Saddam Hussein made the wrong moves, then Britain would be in at the front.

Nice to know we are held in such high regard by Rumsfeld.

In other words, Rumsfeld just told the war that America are going in without a UN resolution

But Mr Rumsfeld said: "To the extent that they are able to participate - in the event that the President decides to use force - that would obviously be welcomed.

"To the extent they are not, there are work arounds and they would not be involved, at least in that phase of it."

In other words, we'll declare a victory, then leave the Brits with the most difficult job. Oh yes, and don't think you'll be getting the rebuilding contracts either.

Asked if that meant the US would go to war without its "closest ally", he added: "That is an issue that the president will be addressing in the days ahead, one would assume

Before anyone comes back, and suggests he said it, because we might look wobbly ...BOLLOX

This is typical of the way this US administration operates. It is mercenary, self-centered,self serving and doesn't give a sh1t. How can such a truly great nation of people , have elected these numpties?


I was very much of the pro lobby until I read that.

I firmly believe it is the right thing to do to support the US on this. However having read those comments I am back in the undecided camp now.

This is how loyalty is rewarded by the US? Maybe someone should show them a dictionary so they can look up its meaning. :mad:
Or maybe we should f*ck them off all together...


Do you know what I reckon? Well you're gonna in a minute.

I think that there is nobody with half a brain knocking about, who can honestly, hand on heart, no conscience problems or second thoughts, can say that they do agree or don't agree with the war. Because most bright people will admit to the fact that we don't know the things that Tony Blair or Bush knows, but in the same respect we don't know what has being going on in OPEC's hq either.

We are all being fed what they want us to hear, so who can, really truely say that they know what to think in this pile of crap situation. Every day brings another element to the pro or anti arguments ... I am on the fence and it bloody hurts. I just wish I could trust the media and government enough on this subject so I could form an educated opinion. But alas no.

If anybody is out there and lucky enough to feel that they have formed a really solid unquavering opinion based on sound information, good on you, I envy you - really.



The US people didn't elect this lot, most of them voted for Gore, remember?

Looking forward to President Jeb Bush in 2008....
.and don't forget the assorted off-spring :(


War Hero
No I firmly agree that all mad dictators with WMD's need to be removed from the scene - that being the case when do we invade the states?

This posturing and underhanded behaviour from the US has definately moved me from supporting the US efforts to -  they can fcuk off.....

The White house is starting to sound like Mugabe on one of his better days:mad: :mad:


Despite all the effort we have now put into the gulf, not including us in the war could do our country a bit of good in the world stage.  We have shown our unswerving support to America, no matter how ungrateful their leaders may be  :mad:, but we would be able to claim that our show of force was just that, a credible show of force, thus keeping our gutless, onion munching euro "friends" happier (granted they seem happiest when trying to **** us over).   I wander who will be the first politition to try to gain from all this...

To summise:

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :( :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: ??? ??? :mad: ;)