We'll liberate your country

It's easy..... kick them out of the country as what they were running from is as good as gone.... then sue them for all the help and assistance they have had over the last 27 years and if they can afford it or if they can find any real proof they can sue from Basrah! Bet the cheeky bas7ards don't bother when that's on the table eh.... I've got nothing against refugees per se, but when they start taking the pi22!!!!
And the best bit?

"We never had any problems with Saddam's regime, none of the family ever interfered, and yet we got murdered by British and Americans," he said.
Well what the hell were they doing claiming satus of refugee or asylum here for????

They are not doing the cause of the REAL refugee any good at all!


Thats Imran Khan; highest profiled human-rights solicitor in the UK and heavily involved in racial cases ( Stephen Lawrence etc). He earns a 'crust' by tracking down and prosecuting such cases, he's a bit good at it and this one's right up his street.
Yes this man's loss is terrible, but if a court finds in his favour and sets a precedent, where will it end?


i say ship them back including his solicitor ! and stop any further asylum seekers coming in and boot out the one we have here already :twisted:
Guy's Girls be carefull what you say on this subject. We all know that there are people who check out the board for snippets to turn it against us. I for one agree with comments made though what were they doing here in the first place!!!!! The whole PC Thing is def going against the native British people, won't be long untill we are like the native American people no land then put out to grass on reservations.
I actually lay the blame for this at the door of the solicitors. One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist, and for an Iraqi to see his home country bombed back to the stone age is likely to get him upset, let alone when 10 of his family are killed. I would not blame him for feeling embittered and wanting to seek redress. If he does it through the courts it is better than strapping a kilo of PE to himself and taking out a load of innocent people in the name of Allah.

It isn't him I would get angry with, it's the solicitor who sees a fee and then persuades him to go to court, irrespective of the chances of the success of the case, to line his wallet at about £200 an hour. If we slotted all the lawyers in the world I think it would be a more reasonable place.

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