Well, lets try again, which company name is best?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PostedOverseas, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Hello again.

    Cheers Dozy,
    Now you have 4 names to choose from for my company:
    Forces Arena.....i.e Hotbed of activity
    Forces Comrade
    Forces Sources
    Forces Resources

    Cheers again
  2. I go Forces Resources, mate. You seem to prefer Forces Arena, and it's your company. But Forces Resources makes it much clearer what you're doing.
  3. I like forces resources too. That can be its official name, but I think people may refer to it as Forces Sources. Cos it flows better on the tongue - although that could just be me!!! :D
  4. Forces Resources has a memorable ring to it... which in business is usually just as important in aquiring customers as being capable.
  5. Dozy, not Dizzy! :D

    And Stephanie I suggested both Forces Sources and Forces Resources on the original thread as Forces Sources does trip off the tongue more easily but Forces Resources is more what the new business appears to be about.
  6. Yeh I did see the other thread.

    The Source of Resources is Forces Resources !!!!!! to find Resources go to Forces Souces. hehehe.

    I like it
  7. Does DozyBint get a discount if you adopt the name she thought of?

    And will Stephanie for coming up with your companies new jingle?

  8. I have registered my jingle, you can have it for a million pounds :D
  9. Although your jingle is flawed...

    Which name did you actually want to use?!
  10. Sorry about that Dozy, not paying enough attention I guess, and as for
    I can't see why we can' t arrange something.
  11. Come on now. Does noboby like Forces Arena?
  12. what did i miss? :?