Well knock me down with a feather!!

I am shocked and astounded, my wife has just admitted she was wrong, I am unsure of a response to this as it has never happened before.
Definitely a trap. Say nothing, go to the pub for a couple, come home with flowers just in case.

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Quick! Check the car to make sure the right feul has gone into it, also check for damage and hide your wallet somewhere safe while your at it

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Give her a couple of hours; she'll soon have it back to being your fault and the balance of the world will be righted.


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Go out, drink at least 10 pints of Stella, grab a kebab on the way home, and interrogate her thoroughly until she tells you the truth, this may involve pliers and a blow torch (you may have your own method) but thats a sure way to get to the bottom of this unearthly occurrence.
I thought she was Miss Right - didn't know her first name was "Always"

Per advice above - all correct - be vewwy afwaid ...

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