Well, Ive managed it!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hugh_Jardon, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. Despite spending all my time on ARRSE (not in some birds arse, though, sadly) when I really should have been revising, and missing my required grades by one, I've still been accepted by my chosen university! I'm really quite over the moon at the moment, as last night was rather tense since I had missed the grades, and couldn't talk to the uni because of the 7 hour time difference...

    Anyway, it's the first step on the road to a degree and a full time Army career, but I'm now officially a soap dodging, tax dodging student cunt. I'm hoping to get back from where I am in Asia at the moment to catch this Herrick deployment, which will nicely round off my gap year.

    Anyway, the real point of this thread is to thank all you arrsers who kept me entertained and away from my revision books. So here's to you all, and if any of you are in Thailand, drop me a line and we'll have a pint or ten.
  2. Congratulations and welcome to the soap dodging, tax dodging student cunt club
  3. No your just an ex-Naffi spunk guzzling gronk
  4. Mate, I've been here nearly two months and haven't touched a Thai bird yet.. I think there's something wrong with me!

    However, there has been a steady stream of antipodean and Scandinavian tourists hungry for dive bum c*ck to keep me occupied, I haven't got any time/energy left for the 'little brown people'!

    I love Pattaya...