Well it is official!

A new generation to mould in your image, corrupt and generally use to wreak revenge on your offspring for all the evils they commited in their youth.

I bet you can't wait to pump the child full of sweets and energy drinks before handing it back to the parents for them to deal with.



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B&T is officially now a grand father.

Any one got any Sanatogen!
Congratulations - now is the time to get your own back on your kid!!! :)

BTW did you know that Sanatogen is exactly the same stuff as Buckfast, just a slightly different recipe!! Jakie :drunken::pukel:


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Birthday and Christmas prez list...

Boxing gloves
Tin drum
Plastic trumpet
One of them horrible vuvuzela things
Clasp knife
Air horn

Bonus, you co-incide the Christening with your 34th birthday?

And will Mum be going back for her GCSE's or is something else lined up? The Hairdressing college will probably have a creche ya know


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The demise of the VCR is a sad time... My nephew is now 2 (and an unholy terror with an agels face). Alas no VCR in their house means I can't teach him the traditional jam sandwich in the slot trick. However a good one (particularly if dad of new sproglet has OCD) is teaching rugrat to open DVD cases, swap disks arouind and put the cases back. Optional sticky fingerprints on the disks is a bonus.

Revenge always tastes best when you are am evil cunt ;)
Welcome to the club. When the small thing starts talking, practice saying "fuck" under your breath. It's amazing how quickly they pick it up.

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