Well, Im dead chuffed with this!

Before Christmas I paid for a couple of Christmas boxes to be sent out to the troops out in the sandy places (Or possibly elsewhere):


To be honest I'd forgotten all about it until I opened the post today.
I've just had a very nice thank you letter from 'Gary' who said it was warmly received and to get my kind thanks in way of a Christmas parcel cheered his day up no end. He went on to say that my kind generosity helped him through a difficult time.
Well Gary, I've had a hard day at work today and was a bit fed up, but your letter has made my day!
(Of course I expect my day wasn't anything like as hard as yours would be)

Thanks very much for that letter and you are most welcome indeed mate.

I'm just sorry it wasn't beer and porn in the box... :lol:

Next year I think we will be making up our own Christmas boxes to send out and I'm sure my kids will have great fun doing it too, whilst learning a valuable lesson in humanity.

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