Well I picked a good time to join

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rugbyluke, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. Starting to wish I joined after the world cup. I'm missing the 1st game then everyother game after for basic, so I'm missing 50% of Englands matches, not happy but I suppose I will just have to get on with it. And I take it there is no chance of them letting us watch the games when we our training.
  2. Heart, bleeds, Piss, Purple, My. <------- re-arrange.
  3. Football is for faggotts.........oh, you're joining the TA. As you were.
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  4. Dry yer eyes.
  5. Wah sheild, I think RugbyLuke is talking about the rugby world cup this year.
  6. No ******* shit.
  7. Of course they will let you watch it. As the matches will be early in the morning I fully expect whatever training unit you are going to will open the NAFFI for you. Normally on occasions like this it will be manned by the CO, Adj and RSM with selected SNCO's doing glass collecting. There should be a good spread put on for you as well. Don't forget to take at least 3 St Georges Cross flags to hang from your block window some bunting and a comedy Guinness hat.
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  8. I feel ashamed,dirty and a little turned on.
  9. Even tho the 1st game is on at my weekend 1 (lemot) and the other matches all fall on my phase one weekends??????
  10. Seriously, dude, as it's your first weekend and the Rugby World Cup is on, the officers do all the waiting on and serving. It's their way of saying thank you for all the effort you'll putting in on future weekends, they like to keep the new recruits happy.
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  11. Dry your eyes princess. You want to be more concerned about staying awake during the RTC death by PPT.
  12. I did my two weeks at Catterick during a football world cup. What a waste of time! All I did was get pissed. The army's sports mad lad. They might get a bit of a sad on if we loose but hey ho, lucky boy.
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  13. So what lucky Regiment or Corps is getting you if you pass?
  14. Which RTC?
  15. A bit like battalion Christmas day really then,I assume they will wake Lukey boy up with a mug of alcohol laced brew to set him up for the day,the tinny fridge will be full and all the officers can be called by their first names for the duration of the match.