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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Many of the extras in the boot camp scenes in Full Metal Jacket were actually serving members in the Territorial Army. They were chosen because it was assumed that they would be familiar with drill. However the English drill practices were so different from the American Marine corps practices that R. Lee Ermey (Gysgt Hartman) himself had to re-train the British troops to march in Marine Fashion. Ermey said it was twice as much work trying to re-train them than it would have been just training raw recruits.
  2. They were TA!!

    What did he expect??

  3. Also i heard another rumour that R. Lee Ermey (Gysgt Hartman) only got the job in the film, as the actor they had brought in was crap, and one of the directors over heard him having a go at some one.

    How true that is i have no idea
  4. The outside Parris Island basic training scenes were filmed at Bassingbourn barracks, near Cambridge, England. At the time the Barracks was used to train infantry soldiers of the Queens Division. You can see the real recruits being put through their paces in many places but in particular during the assault course scenes. The Commanding Officer at the time decided to keep many of the obstacles (which had been built especially for the film), this made the life of the recruits considerably harder than it should have been.

  5. i have also heard this. as the story goes it was Gysgt Hartman "show this actor how it should be done oh feck it you do it yourself, actor you are fired".

    he made the film & has pride of place as my text message tone on my mobile...

  6. when I did ta basic as bassingbourne the assualt course was there but no ****** was allowed near it on pain of death due to health and safety concerns and that was in the late 80s

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