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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Joker62, May 29, 2013.

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  1. This was posted to the ACC FB page, so had a quick gander - 29th Field Kitchen |

    This popped up too -
    "Private Hook, a company cook in the 24th Regiment, fought a spirited defence of a hospital during a Zulu attack on Rorkes Drift, which earned him a Victoria Cross"

    There's a little known fact!!! I shall watch Zulu now happily knowing that chefs were represented :)
  2. Oi Zulu - one farcking bandage!
  3. "Zulus, thousands if 'em. And I've only done enough sausages for one each"

    This is how legends are born.

    Are there any historical references to how many of the enemy were killed by spatula/food poisoning?

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  4. Not sure about that, but this was posted on there -

    "At the first battle of Ypres, 1915, the German Army almost acheived a complete breakthrough. The attack was held by the only troops between them and the coast- a company of Royal Engineers and cooks, one of whom was only armed with a ladle"
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  5. no time to google it but wasn't there a British chef who won a medal in the Bosnian conflict? carried on doing duties while under sustained accurate machine gun fire which was chipping away the cover he was using. I'm guessing the gunner was one of the bad guys not someone on our side with a grudge.
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  6. .........and the other with a pint glass.
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  7. You'll spot him easily now you know he's there - he's the fat one in bed
  8. Many a death has been served up by an ACC ladle - we know this
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  9. I think there was mention in the book Hell Riders about the charge of the light brigade, of one of the regimental butchers deserting his post once he heard his regiment had orders to move down the valley. He went to the lines, pinched a horse and took part in the charge wearing his butchers apron and carrying his butchering axe. Came out the other end unscathed as well.
  10. Apparently he was nothing like the person depicted in the film and was an upstanding citizen who was abstinent.
  11. I seem to recall some of his descendants kicking off a bit over his portrayal in the film, can't recall if it was at the time the film was released or later.
  12. On my last tour I was ever impressed by the meals the chefs managed to sort out - whilst I was sweating like Gary Glitter in mothercare just walking round the chefs were in the kitchen tent which was like an oven.
    I have taken the piss out of them in the past (and will continue to do so) but like most of our lads on tour they are amazing.

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  14. To be fair to Joker62; in the day I spent with him a few weeks ago, I found him to be a top bloke.

    Still, a ******* funny picture though. Good effort
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  15. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    we used the hydra burner back in the 1970's they fitted nicely on the back of a cent AVRE. when they were due to be taken off us some were hidden in a sports field in Imphal Barracks I was told , possibly . Best bit of kit since the SLR.