Well I never knew that.....

Arkanstigger said:
Have only known it as "Combat" :D

Going slightly off thread, can anyone tell me why every DS I've ever met uses "pneumonic" instead of "mnemonic"?

DS' questionable use of English is probably the reason for the 'Complete' v 'Combat' debate.
scaryspice said:
Gunny Highway said:
scaryspice said:

Y' know the sad part is that there are people who might really have done that - probably with a plastic MP5 though.

Probably? What are you on about? The MP5 was made of plastic, it was just a ball bearing gun. The metal one's are too expensive.

There's nothing sad in it, just like saying your sad if you spend to much time on ARRSE. I'm watching 'Who Dares Wins' right now. Lewis Collins is great !


I meant plastic as in "pretend plastic gun"

Nothing wrong with watching Who Dares Wins! I suppose it was the whole "wannabe" "faked for TV" thing that I find a bit weird. However, each to their own - have you seen "I'm a nonentity get me out of here?" Now there's TV to make you want to throw soft food at the screen.....


Christ on a bike !! We are begging to differ ! I like 'I'm a Celebrity' ! I've been voting every night for Mr Rotten !! Best piece of TV programming in years !! And my MP5 is a "pretend plastic gun". I do have a life you know.

Oh dear. 8O

Tell me you didn't watch the following:

Big brother - they were so DULL this year (OK I watched it a bit :oops: )

The channel 4 prog where they were all trying to stay awake - reminded me of the third night of some exercises I've been on....

Temptation Island - the US version - so funny ( :oops: I watched that a bit too)

Fear Factor - unadulterated drivel.

Britain's hardest - no even I drew the line at that after seeing the trailer.

Yeah to all of the above, and include Home and Away, Neighbours, Robot Wars and anything along those lines. And (don't laugh) I collect train numbers on a Saturday afternoon on Stockport train station. You see your problem is, your very limited in what you think is entertainment and what is not. We have different views and I enjoy my life.
Not as different as you think Gunny - I like Neighbours - I even read the Neighbours website forum to find out what's happening six weeks ahead of us in Australia.

(Oh no did I say that out loud in public :oops: )

And Eastenders - classic stuff.....

Dunno about H&A though and I can't stand Craig Charles on robot wars, although oddly enough I love Red Dwarf.

I won't laugh about the train numbers....... As you say - to each their own caring not what the rest of the world thinks!

An appropriate user name - like a moth to a flame as i sit here bored and cast my "catch a knob" net into a historical topic - how r u doing oh mighty chopper? Lol!!

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