Well, I made it to the UK... What to do this week?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by California_Tanker, Sep 24, 2005.

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  1. It has to be said, that the lads I'm attached to for a couple of weeks are treating me (and the two American NCOs also tagging along) exceedingly well indeed.

    Mucked around a bit on your tracks, checked out the gunnery school in Lulworth (I particularly like the loader's simulator) and the CATT at Warminster. I've formed a few conclusions about the equipment (I really am not convinced by the move from rifle to smoothbore) and have also experienced a TA employer relations deal that would never get off the ground in the US. (The lawyers would throw a fit: "Let me get this straight.. you want to give civilians rifles, pyro, blank ammo, alcohol and allow them to ride around in APCs? Can you say 'Liability'!?")

    Oh, and of course the tank museum. Also did Yeovilton, and I've seen Stonehenge before. Going to Portsmouth tomorrow, I'm currently in a cybercafe in Bournemouth.

    This, however, does leave me with a couple of days free in the middle of the week. (Going up to London probably Fri morning before my Sunday flight).

    Suggestions welcome. Anything from places to see (Not necessarily militaria, but I won't say no) through good places to drink.

  2. You really must try the echo in The Reading Room of the British Museum.
  3. A very varied post. You ask of places to visit etc and also of your conclusions (but I think you meant to say your opinion). I was not sure or comfortable with the alcohol bit either. Are you a journo been on a fun weekend or something? Perhaps you should 'split' your post and think of where it or they are best placed. By the way, Big Ben, it is a really big clock you must see.
  4. If you fancy sight seeing and some Roman history had you thought of time in Bath?
    Quite a nice city and not too far from your present location.
  5. Hope you enjoy Portsmouth - obvious things to do - D-Day museum, Royal Marine museum and then there's the dockyard for all that salty stuff. (Interpret that any way you want!!).

    Remember stay to the paths...the local can get restless!
  6. No, I'm actually over on military business.. the Brit Army are taking care of me and showing me what they have.

    Just it's not a 24x7 affair, and I have a bit of time off to take in some of the local sights and culture. Would be a bit of a waste for me to come all the way over and not do that, no?

  7. In Portsmouth aim to spend your day at the dockyard.
    HMS Victory, The Mary Rose and HMS Warrior and the Royal Navy museum.
    Also take a harbour tour.
    If you get a second day in Pompey do the D day museum and the Royal Marines museum.
    Welcome to England. Have a nice day.
  8. Slough is nice at this time of year- and handy for Heathrow
  9. You could also visit Colchester and remind the smiling lads of the Parachute Regiment that nobody would seriously consider going to war by parachute.
  10. i suggest the royal siganls mueseum at blandford it's crap but it means i can take the p*ss out off you too
  11. not civilians, part time, well trained, british army soldiers on duty. alcohol should be after the training - in the mess of course.
  12. While you are down on the south coast, you could pop into Worthing. A lovely sea side town. :wink:
  13. National Army Museum in Chelsea (Handy for Buckingham Palace), and the Imperial War Museum just over the river. Well worth the trip.
  14. Go to Dover Castle to see the wartime tunnels etc. and just by accident you could get onto a ferry and sample the delights of cheap beer and fags in Calais. NATO travel order will suffice if you dont have your passport.
  15. As above, plus, if your time permits, Tower of London, Guards Museum, Windsor Castle and for a few moments of reflection while in London, visit St Clement Danes, Central Church of the Royal Air Force.