Well I have pretty much had it with the RAMC/AMS

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Cardinal, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. I am TA RAMC and have been proud to be so for the last 15 years, before that I was RN as a medic.

    I have done lots of mobilisation and FTRS out of trade, but had to fight to keep up with things on the medical front with the TA. The AMS has demonstrated bugger all interest in keeping me trained, used and valued.

    On the other hand Signals, Logistics bend over backwards to use me and add to my qualifications.

    I applied for an AMS FTRS post months ago shortly before completing my last mobilisation, first there was confusion over which unit to send me to, then MCM Div AMS were away, then the unit were away on leave.

    Finally I was contacted by 84 MSS and asked to go up and see them, which I did, weeks ago. Since then not a word and time (not to mention my savings) are slipping away very fast indeed.

    I know other people in my position, soldiers who ended their mobilisation the same time I did, already they are settled into FTRS because their Corps/Regiments do give a toss.

    The AMS administration of soldiers (TA) is a disgrace, inept, slow, unmotivated and I have had enough, much more than enough.

    I have loads of qualifications, military and civil, experience and enthusiasm. So I am off see if another corps can use me.

    CMT's, Nurses, Doctors etc, your great been a pleasure to serve with you. Anyone reading this who thinks they manage in any way TA soldiers administration and career structure I have one message for you your a disgrace, a waste of space.

    Every other part of the army is grabbing any TA soldier who shows an interest in FTRS or mobilisation, they are in service before they can bat an eye lid. Not so the AMS, it took you ages to find a not very interesting post which I agreed to and you still cannot get me in with any degree of urgency.

    The lads and lasses of the AMS are great but the management sucks.

  2. here,here!.If you want respect ,go to a non-ams unit,more precious than"rocking horse shite". and your treated like an adult.the saying"familiarity breeds contempt" springs to mind.unless you can ski-sail,that's all you seem to matter to the t.a ams these days,trade courses "**** off"- ski-ing,sailing-here you go,take a 130 man training day's a year."fit for role-my hole!
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Tell us something new Cardinal.
  4. the time I forget how difficult it must be dealing with it all the time, in particular trying to build a full time career around it.

    Any insight as to why it is this way? I mean with only a very few exceptions the soldiers I have come accross from AMS, be they RAMC, QA's or RADC are brilliant.

    Was it always like this or what?

  5. Check yr PM's Cardinal
  6. and you think its restricted to the the TA!!
  7. For the record, FTRS commitments are handled by the TA & Reserves MCM Division, not the AMS MCM Division.

    An FTRS contract is offered against a specific post, by LSN and UIN, in a named unit, that post having been identified as unfillable by Regular means.

    So once you sign the contract, you should know your post and unit and you will be paid from the point the contract comes into effect regardless of whether or not the unit is on leave. If you haven't signed any contract then your beef is with the TA & Res MCM Div, not the AMS who have no influence on which vacant post you are offered.

  8. If you look on an FTRS trawl you will find many open adverts, for which there are no specific units or posts. In this case RAMC SNCO's (and a date by which the advert is recognised)

    It is used (often) when multiple posts are advertised requiring soldiers of similar rank and qualifications. For example the multitude of infantry posts advertised recently.

    The FTRS desk at Glasgow said MCM AMS were responsible for matching soldiers to posts. In this case I have been in communication with an officer from AMS MCM who has been dealing with this.

    You think we just make stuff up to complain about?

  9. It beggars belief that in these times more effort isnt put into retention and indeed recruitment of personell.

    In the current NHS recruitment freeze and job cuts their are hundreds of newly qaulified personell i.e nurse's odp's etc being left without jobs or prospects of jobs

    The services should definately make use of this situation
  10. Over the last year when I was employed out of trade, I went to a number of different units and met with almost universal surprise that a SNCO CMT was not employed in trade. Almost every unit I came accross said they needed more medics for their deployment.

    I also helped with an issue of a field hospital deploying to Herrick and they specified a post which was vacant and that a medic would be preferred to fill rather than a clerk or other E2.

    When I spoke to MCM the contact said they didn't know of any specific vacancies, hence my supposed placement with MSS. I listed units which had vacancies stating how I knew about them but it made no difference whatsoever.

    I am still waiting for this FTRS post to be confirmed, the unit have stated they wanted me to start asap, I am ready and have been waiting. No information is forthcoming about the hold up and its cause.

    Communications have been poor, that cannot be disputed.
    Organisation has been hapazard and the situation allowed to drift by Glasgow.

    Not good management.