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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jammy_H, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. Thinking of Joining the TA!,I am 38 this year though served 8 years in the Royal Navy as a Seaman on Submarines.

    I was thinking RLC Seaman,I think they take guys up to the age of 39 Years.

    Any coments on the RLC TA or any other branch who has use of a 38 year old Seaman ;)

    Anyhows HI, and go easy on me ;)

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  2. this has got to be a wind up,

    he he he

  3. Do they have a TA element at 17 Port or anywhere ? You will at least keep your wooly jumper
  4. No wind up gen dit
  5. The TA unit for 17 port and maritime is 165 port regiment, very good unit work and play closely with 17. There are plenty of chances for deployments any thing from a couple of weeks work down at marchwood to full scale tours. At the moment they are on a big recruitment drive after a few leaving when they all got back from op telic after everyone was compulsory mobilised. Seamen/navigator is one of the trades that they are short of, there are a few ex navy, merchant and I would say your skills would be of great use so give them a call.

    If I can be of any other use drop me a pm.

    Good luck.
  6. Damn, I thought this was a brag about getting smacked up.
  7. No gen dit getting older and want to do the things I never got to do in the Andrew,

    Maybe it's just a pipe dream but I came across this website whilst doing research on the TA and thought you may be able to help

    As for the wooly jumper i used to wear a White roll neck one at sea not a Navy Blue one.

  8. Cheers Monster will PM you never did much navigation but all SOP's Submariners did basic Navigation / Chart reading,I never did much bar the basics but never found it hard
  9. Gotta be the most thought provoking and yet strange sentance seen for a while............meaning it's creating very disturbed piccies in my head. Or the wobbly is kicking in to full effect!

    Oh and i'm sure they will "take" guys of any age as long as they are permissive :D
  10. Sorry if this is a bone question but do you have to leave or do people just do it after being mob'd? Just asking as a neibour has been back about six months fron iraq and not seen him in uniform since.
  11. No you don't have to leave, hopefully you will stay. But some people due to personnel reasons do leave after a they have got back from a tour. It's not always easy to juggle going away on tour a wife and kids, mortgage and work who most of the time do not want to see you go.
  12. northern_warrior - I personally found the following more worrying;

    (especially for Andrew 8O )
  13. Test indicate that seman can be store indefinetly but only under the correct conditions.

    Sorry could'nt help