Well, hes gone to basic.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TotalWar, May 12, 2008.

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  1. My son set off on the train from Newcastle early this morning for Phase 1 day 1 at Pirbright. My wife, youngest son and I saw him off. A proud day for us.
    Good luck to all those starting basic training.
  2. Good luck to him, and keep the family's chin up whilst he's away :)
  3. ive got a mate that started there and then. hes going for royal artillery.

    good luck to your boy
  4. thanks
    My son is going for RA aswell. OPA.
  5. Good luck to him. If he ever thinks of jacking it in because the going gets tough. Show him some tough love, tell him to knuckle down and get on with it. My folks did with me and now I thank god that I had the sense to listen to them.
  6. when the going gets tough....the tough gets going ..........
  7. I'v got catterick on the 1st of july. wish it would hurry up and come....anyone else going this time?

    good luck to your boy!
  8. possibly month after mate
  9. im going on the 1st of july to mate :)
  10. Good luck to your son, a very proud day for all concerned I'm sure :D
  11. Congratulations, everyone must be so proud...

    All you need to do now is move and not forward the address :D

    Just kidding about the last bit...
  12. Best of luck to him, I'll be starting up at Catterick this Sunday.
  13. Good luck to TWs son. My Son entered Catterick just under a year ago and there were many times when he said he was thinking of pulling out, but now 12 months down the line and he is with 4 Rifles at Bulford and really enjoying the life. Go for it Mr Brown and I wish you all the very best mate
  14. Good luck to him,he will be a lot different when he comes on leave and have the washing machine ready with a full box of dhobi dust ready for all his kit.The best years of his life are just around the corner.
  15. Mr Brown im up at catterick on sunday too mate, going 1 Mercian, gotta be there between 11 and 5 at vimy barracks.