We'll go in without a UN vote

Blair willing to defy vetoes

Blair says he would be prepared for Saddam to go into exile
Tony Blair has said he would be willing to go to war against Iraq even if more than one country vetoes a second United Nations resolution.
Downing Street has insisted the comments, made in a studio debate for the MTV television channel, do not mark a policy shift.

Number 10 has also confirmed talks were continuing at the UN amid reports of a compromise deal over a new resolution.

Diplomatic sources at the UN say the proposal would give Saddam Hussein a "final opportunity to disarm" by making changes to the proposed US/UK Security Council resolution.

The UK initiative is part of the diplomatic manoeuvring ahead of Friday's report from chief weapons inspector Hans Blix on the progress of UN disarmament efforts in Iraq.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, isn't this the same Tony Blair who said "We must take the UN route?"

<<<<<<< Confused


A major shift in stance ...  announced on???  MTV ... just about says it all really ................   :-[


Yes its sad to say, isnt it.
 All the talk is of how Saddam is undermining the UN, if the UN doesnt, stay and stand tough then he will have broken the Un and it will then be a useless organisation. Well if B+B go it alone without the second resolution then THEY will have discredited the organisation, and basically dissolved any power (if any) it had in the world.
And just to put the icing on the cake, if they do send you guys in without a UN resolution, they will/could be prosecuted for war crimes, if any are proven.
I really feel if this is the route that is taken, then it will all go ( * ) ( * )s up, and escalate out of control, with Muslim countries turning and standing with Iraq, America do look long into the future for their wealth and political stance, but are so short sighted at what happens around them you would think Stevie Wonder was their navigator.


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