Well, Forgive me for i must ask. LSW Mod?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sid101, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. Well, came across this. No idea if it has been mentioned before? Just wondered wtf? A new version or a prototype?
    4th weapon in, no outrigger. Closer bipod.

  2. mate thats a normal sa80!
  3. It's just an SA80 with an acog site and grip, standard issue to teeth arms in theatre.
  4. The one with the night sight, below the two with UGL fitted; really?
  5. 4 one in, urm, scroll the pic abit, sorry needed to be big to see it.
    With the CWS on..
  6. lol i should have scrolled right!
  7. Ah ok , not seen this before
  8. That's not a CWS either!

    As featured in Soldier Mag, there is indeed a UOR upgrade to the quote (I kid you not) "ever popular" LSW.

    New bipod, pitacinny rail etc.

    Haven't seen it, utility seems a bit iffy with the LMG and the new sharpshooter rifle fulfilling it's 2 possible roles. Lt wt GPMG also on the way too, if Soldier is to be believed.
  9. Does it work?
  10. Off topic , but what are the 2 large optical sights on thae aforementioned LSW and the one in the background?
    NV and thermal?
  11. From Soldier Magazine. Shit quality.

  12. I loved the way that the snippet contradicted itself "ever popular" followed by the quote "the soldiers do not like it...."
  13. The LSW conversion was going to be part of a sharpshooter programme to give the best shot in the section a weapon that could reach out a bit further with its longer barrel and a higher mag scope. It was to be cost effective as armouries around the country have thousands of them languishing doing nothing. Since the 7.62mm LM&T has been introduced the LSW project in currently on the back burner, i believe.
  14. Amazing, that was the bipod configuration on the original 4.85 prototype...
  15. It's hard to see what it does that that an L85 doesn't. The same bipod and forend will fit an L85 unless I'm very mistaken and the extra couple of inches of barrel hardly turns 5.56 into 7.62. I fail to see the point of it at all.

    Could have just bought picatinny mount bipods and fitted the quad rail forend. LSW. It's a solution looking for a problem.....