Well follow Dutch out of Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. We'll follow Dutch out of Afghanistan, says Nelson
    August 31, 2007 12:50am

    AUSTRALIA would most likely follow should Dutch troops withdraw from southern Afghanistan, Defence Minister Brendan Nelson says.

    Mr Nelson gave the warning to 12 Dutch parliamentarians in the Afghanistan capital of Kabul this week, The Australian newspaper reported.

    The Dutch Parliament is considering whether to pull its troops out of the Oruzgan province following a series of casualties and the turning tide of public opinion in the Netherlands about the conflict.

    Australian engineers and special forces are based alongside the Dutch troops and have had increased contact with Taliban fighters in recent weeks.

    The Dutch forces provide vital helicopter air cover for the Australians working to build checkpoints and patrolling around the Oruzgan town of Tarin Kowt.

    Australian commanders fear their forces would not be able to operate without that cover, the paper reported.

    “We are not in a position to increase our numbers in Afghanistan and we won't and we can't take the lead position in Tarin Kowt,” Mr Nelson said.

    “There are Australian soldiers who owe their lives to the Dutch Apache helicopters and they play a critical role.

    “The consequences of a Dutch withdrawal, if we can't find another partner, is that we would be far too exposed to continue.”

    The Dutch have 2,200 troops at the Camp Holland base at Tarin Kowt and have suffered the deaths of six soldiers
  2. Now who else has Apache's and is a good friend of the Aussies, apart from the USA ? :silent:

    Come and fill a gap old chap will you...............
  3. The Aussies would deploy their new Tigers - if they were on schedule....
  4. Several NATO countries have been approached to send troops to Uruzgan. Sofar none of them have commited to helping out. Aside from their SF the Australian forces are concentrated around a 20 KM zone around Tarin Kowt where they do alot of rebuilding work, they are mainly engineers. It was planned that the ANA and ANP would take over the Dutch outposts that are situated beyond Tarin Kowt and Deh Rawod. So that Dutch troops could expand the inkblots (area in which NATO is in control) further into the province. But there aren't nearly enough ANA and ANP in Uruzgan.

    In June a small Dutch unit about 70 strong was stuck in Chora (35 KM north east of Tarin Kowt) surrounded by hundreds of taliban. Only massive airstrikes and five days of fighting by rushed in reinforcements mananged to chase off the taliban. To keep a bigger presence there would mean to lose ground elsewhere. More troops are needed and seeing that neither the Dutch nor the Australians can provide them a third country is needed.

    Some errors in the article.
    Nonsense. The current deployment ends on August 2008. The government is considering extending the mission.

    10 soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since August 2006. And there are only 1700 Dutch troops in Afghanistan.