Well, fcuk me!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Who'd would have thought it?

    Brown shows he's human after all?

    MOD show that they do understand us?

    Regular Army applied pressure from within to save their brethren?

    Senior TA Officer went public?


    I suspect the RFCA - silent for the last two weeks (uncharacteristically) - and if so, God Bless You. Haldane would be proud.

    Fcuk you the government and the MOD - when we needed you, you let us down....U turn if you want to, but this TA is not for turning - and we can smell hypocrisy a mile off

    We will carry on but not because of you, in spite of you.

    Hooray - common sense has prevailed - when was the last time you were able to say that?

    I shall be in this weekend.
  2. Now that I shall be afforded the requisite remuneration for my efforts incurred over and above and in addition to my normal civilian workload, I would only be too honoured.
  3. I suspect the PM was more fully and accurately briefed after all the recent hoo-ha than he was before. GB is after all the one responsible for every decision the government makes so has probably relied on his key policy makers briefing him on the decisions Land had taken on the options that were laid before them. He probably now suspects he was set up (and probably was) from inside his own party & the military (ditto).

    I suspect a wee bit of Chrystal nacht to come pretty damn soon 8)

    Conspiracy theorist, not me Gov, just a watcher from the sidelines :D
  4. Couldn't agree more - someone somewhere will be trembling as the one eyed monster bears down on them...or was that a film I saw on a dodgy channel? Either way, it's bloody good news - although the 'trust' piece will take a long time to heal.
  5. An appropriate reward for an appropriate amount of effort and inconvenience in support of the Armed Forced mission. No more no less. I don't claim any allowances, just a daily rate of pay with no seniority (X factor), and nowhere near enough to cover what I actually do - e.mails, use of private car, mobile phone bills, wife's patience, etc). It's a balance, it's about give and take.

    But when it's all take, and no balance, then I have better things to do.


    PS - you need to get out more - ever thought of the TA? :lol:
  6. So you are happy to return to the one Tuesday night, one weekend a month training plan then MR T :? :? :? :?

    Or do you expect the plan to be upscaled once April 1st kicks in.

    At least the Pint is half full not tottering toward empty.
  7. Erm Tiger..We (the whole Battalion) were at Two Drill nights a month paid remember... :)

    Still good news :D
  8. Indeed, it's half full - at least. Actually, it may be a whole pint - see quote:

    'On Monday, the government reduced the scale of the cuts from £20m to £17.5m.

    It backtracked on plans to suspend all routine TA training for six months and offered a compromise of one night's training each month for personnel not due to be deployed to Afghanistan.

    It is now understood the TA training budget will remain untouched, meaning most units will continue to train one night a week, as well as one weekend a month.


    The TA is made up of volunteers who commit their spare time to training as soldiers and working with the regular army.
    It is divided into independent units who recruit locally and national units who recruit across the UK.
    All TA soldiers who are mobilised have their civilian jobs legally protected

    The training cutbacks were approved by military chiefs earlier this year to ensure resources were prioritised for the regular army.

    However Mr Brown changed his mind after nearly a dozen Labour MPs publicly criticised the scaling back.

    Conservative leader David Cameron also raised concerns at last week's Prime Minister's Questions. '

    Methinks that on that basis, it's 'turn to the right, and carry on - isn't it?
  9. Thank you for highlighting this U turn Mr T :salut:

    Swampster I was under the impression :? , we were one of each as Mr T highlighted.
  10. Not sure about Now after this news..But as of Yesterday..Yes we were on Two C1 Drill nights and Two paid a month..and the Look at Life weekend had survived the cuts and IS still on.

    Think of course this will change...no idea what it will be now (just better that all)...just need to wait and see.

    you not had any SMS info or letters from your Coy?
  11. Well done to those who applied the pressure. I know who gets my vote.

    But I have to say what an enormous waste of time this whole exercise has been. As if we didn't have better things to be getting on with.
  12. Only the twa i mentioned to you.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    And the trust is further rusted...
  14. And Gordon has egg on his face again.
  15. Most excellent to hear the PM's humiliating climb down and reversing the cuts. Interesting to see the response within my unit to the cuts. Most of us soldiered on though were extremely pi**ed off at the way we have been treated.

    The news is good but I feel it will take time, indeed if ever when the relationship of trust between the TA the CoC is restored. The whole saga is a shabby crock of sh*t in management terms....

    Don't forget though that these cuts followed two rounds of in year cuts in this financial year which will not be restored by the 'U Turned' 20M in year savings measure that caught the headlines. TA training will still be severely reduced compared to last year and this follows years of successive budget cuts.