Well F**K, Its Prince Chuck...

I have it on good authority [ well a serious bit of gossip at the NCO's Dinner Friday last ] that HRH Prince Charles, King in Waiting, has been appointed, or whatever they do, the regiment's new Colonel-in-Chief replacing the dearly beloved Queen Mum..

With new Colours to be presented come next October, no doubt, the Prince will be doing the honours....

After the Queen Mum having been C-in-C since 1939 it'll be a bit of change...personally, I was hoping to get one of the younguns, Prince Billy, assigned the post, as Charles is topman for so many units hither and yon but, I understand, he had a deep soft spot for Granny and wants to look after her troops as an honour to her..

Should be interesting.. Don't know HRH as well as I do some of the other Royals, not having spent as much time with him...but, I take it underneath all the Geek/Nerd exterior he's not such a bad bloke..

wonder if he has the same sense of humour his Gran had?

Back in '89 she came to open a new regimental museum facility.. We had young soldiers dressed in colonial period uniforms standing guard.. As she approached one lad who was particuarly tall he snapped his musket to the present. The Queen Mum was distracted momentarily by a comment from one of her Aides and she stopped her walkabout leaving the chap to stand at the present for a bit of time..
When she turned back to continue the walkabout she looked up at the lad [ she barely cleared his belt buckle ] and said of his pose, musket thrust forward.

" My goodness. How do you get it up so straight and keep it up so long? "

for some reason the lad turned as scarlet as his tunic and barely held it steady as the top brass in close attendance began to giggle and cough into their white gloves..

Really miss Her Majesty..

will reserve judgement on Chuck until I see how he handles his liquor [ wonder if he's up to the Duke of Edinburgh's standards ?] in the Mess...
Which Regiment is this? If the appointment has been made, there should be a press release hidden away somewhere. The adjutant will certainly know.

So far, it seems Charles hasn't been fighting for his Grans beloved BW, as she would have been. Hopefully your Regiment will get it's due attention.