Well, DUH, and Ya Think?

And this guy gets paid to come up with this' research'..

" Marketing and Tourism" Professor, Michael Lynn [ Cornell University ] studied ' perceived sexiness' and physical attributes in waitresses - sorry- the hospitality food service industry -..

and, determined that bigger breasted women got bigger tips [ no snickering ]

He postulated that evolutionary instincts trump ideals among patrons. Though customers claim they reward 'service', quality of service has less than 2% effect on tips. [ no clue how he figured this out..but ..]

He found that waitresses with bigger bra sizes received larger amounts in tips, as did women who had blonde hair and had slender bodies...

His findings, he claims, could aid businesses in their hiring decisions... hehehehehe..

Never been to Hooters I guess..

on a serious note, can see a great opportunity for lawyers to jump in with class action suits on behalf of dark haired, fat women who were turned down for jobs as plate carriers and coffee jockeys on the grounds of 'discrimination ' in hiring..
Good reason for waitresses to give up on good service. The more well-endowed blondes will get the big tips regardless and the industrious, polite non-blondes and less well-endowed blondes will get zilch anyway - that 2% chance just ain't worth it :)
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