Well done

Damned good man he is... all respect to anyone who exhibits such bravery and charictor.


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See this modest, brave young man. One who's worthy of the word 'Hero'. He's put his life on the line for his mates. He should never have to pay for a pint again in his life.

Then compare him to his civvy, chav counterparts. Binging on drink and drugs, collecting ASBOs, ruining peoples lives and claiming benefits because they're too lazy to work. Why can't they be more like him?

Well done L/Cpl Nicholas Coleman - you are an inspiration.
Well done that man, he and his family must be so proud
A true inspiration. Well done L/Cpl Coleman, there's certainly a pint with your name on it from me.
L/Cpl Coleman was flown back from Germany to receive his Military Cross from Prince Charles in May - an experience he described as nerve-wracking.

"There were a lot of military people and most of them were high ranking officers," he said.
'Twas ever so.
Outstanding. A true hero, in the best (non-sports star) sense of the word.

Could it be there's hope for the younger generation?
Nice to have some good news for a change.

As others have said: proof not ALL of the younger generation are wastes of blood and organs.
well done that man and fair play to Plymouth too for making an effort to recognise his bravery!
I'm glad to see a town council putting up the bunting and all the very best to the man of the moment. Nothing but praise and respect for him.
Fantastic what a shining example to the young generation and the rest of us. Extremely well done that man. Beers on me you ever in KENT.

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