Well done Willie - Another nail in the coffin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. Massive swing from Labour, in an area where normally you could stick a Red Rosette on a chimp and it would romp.

    Cameron's boy spanked, in an area where people have very very long memories and some glib politico with a Scots sounding name ain't going to cut it.

    SNP? Hahahhahahhahahhahahaa

    It may be a protest vote, but what the hell, with the Broons constituency next door, let's hope it's contagious.
  2. It certainly does. That'll upset a few people.

    Deep joy :D Now all that has to happen , is Hughes suffers a prolapse , Ming does the honourable thing (fat hairy chance) and resigns in a fit of over-riding guilt, the other non-entity is involved in a freak accident with a free-falling circus elephant and the evil plan is almost complete . Step forward the Dark Lord Opik :twisted:
  3. Do not underestimate the massive damage that this has done to New Labour as it stands now.

    Normally, Dunfermline and West Fife would sleepwalk into voting Labour. Also, the deceased Rachel Squire was a highly respected constituency MP.

    However, the fact that New Labour decided to parachute in a MEP apparachik to fight the seat did not go down well, along with some local issues of controversy.

    The closure of a factory cost around 1000 jobs, despite New Labour platitudes about employment.

    The local hospital is being run into the ground, with services transferred 15 miles away, despite a sizeable increase in the population.

    The Forth Road Bridge is a major issue, as it is rusting away, and Alastair Darling delivered a serious self-inflicted injury by saying that Westminster wouldn't contribute to a replacement for this strategic transport link.

    Congratulations to the victor! This shows what happens when Labour treat their supposedly supine heartland with contempt! :twisted:
  4. http://www.theherald.co.uk/politics/56010.shtml

    What a disgusting shameless person, waving the shroud of a far better person around in a despicable attempt to gain credibility.
  5. PTP,

    I trust your relationship with said Dark Lord has not passed the holding hands stage - the press are watching him.......
  6. That is truly , truly nasty. That is a direct insult to the people of Dunfermline. Rachel Squire worked very very hard in that constituency , she was well liked and respected, and the people voted for her , it was just a bonus she was Labour. This ghastly little prole though it was a safe seat , and obviously held the locals in contempt as a guaranteed Labour vote.

    What a wretch. Is there any note of how many recounts this waste of skin asked for? It's a favourite Labour ploy when they've been smashed into the long grass, especially amongst "Gypsy candidates" who are invariably women that the Blair seems to favour.

    Out to you.....

    Morning Sandy , I think they'll find he favours giving Welsh girlies the good news on a regular basis and lots of pints. I would be mortally gutted if the pint swigging , bird shagging, Spitfire loving, Hoon hating, F-word using member for Montgomeryshire was anything but.

    Oh and our new Mr. C sends his regards :)
  7. Bet you didn't enjoy Question Time last night as much as me - it was clearly way beyond Ming's bedtime.
  8. I enjoyed it immensley , because it proved the point I've been harangued and attacked over by the bed-wetters , fluffy tree-huggers and "Professional pseudo-politicians" in the party.

    Vote "None of the above" . Ming is a doddering, backstabbing old charlatan. Statesman my arrse , Hughes is a proven liar , and Huhne knows the square root of SFA about the Military and how it works. I sent an email to his campaign after he uttered a particularly ill-informed remark about pulling the troops out of Germany.

    "I'll answer all e-mail" says his campaign. Still waiting for my reply Chris , you'll remember the email "Mr Huhne, it would be better if you educate yourself about the Military before you comment on it, don't you think?"

    Just loved his comment comparing the Military to business. Not. He'll need triple action Domestos to get the brown stains off his shirt collar, from where he had his head jammed up his butt.

    There shouldn't even be this damn contest. Ming could have taken over as caretaker , whilst Charles went and cleaned his act up again. There isn't one candidate standing for the leadership who would be better than Charlie Krankie in the role. The party needs to grow teeth and lurch to the Right.
  9. PTP said

    Cameron's 'boy' was a chick and a fox at that! However, as you say the voters aren't that shallow.

    It's clear that Rachel Squire was a rarity among MPs in that she represented he constituency before her party and any old Labour candidate replacement will just not do. Looking forward to seeing Broon's sour face!
  10. Since the Labour candidate is also an MEP she simply goes back to her day job earning £70K plus expenses for bugger all...I was interested to note that many Scottish commentators said that Willie Rennie ran the usual fraudulent campaign being all things to all men. Typical mid term election - expect Labour to haul this back nex time but with reduced majority and I'll bet they drop a few million into the area now...after all we can't upset the future PM (Designate) can we?

    This are voted Communist at one time so the Tories/SNP were never going to get a look in. A typical Labour area; well fed on welfare benefits and additional government grants.
  11. :oops:


    And reading her biog, I don't expect she'd be too keen on the spanking bit either.

    Why did I think Hargreaves was the Tory?
  12. ..because Tories are munters by definition?

    FWIW, Tim Garden (ex-AOC Strike Command and ACDS) has come out...wait, that probably isn't the best way to put it...has taken Simon Hughes..oops..has taken Simon Hughes's side.
  13. Heard Alistair Darling on the radio making excuses for Labour's trouncing. Labour supporters stayed at home because they thought the seat was in the bag. Labour share down 17% turnout down 10%. (I know the arithmetic isn't quite that straightforward ). They are not supporters if they don't support you, are they?

    Not enough voters like your party and/or candidate. Or the rest of them. A 2% increase of the share of a 10 % reduction in voters isn't good Mr Salmond so there is no good pretending that the Jocks like your mob much either.
  14. sandy_boots,
    little chance of Lembit letting the Liberals down as I understand (my Mum told me) he is engaged to the welsh weather girl on tv. Mind you....... everyone who has let the party (+family and constituents) down has been married whichever way they eventually turned.