Well done us!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by k613, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. I'm sure some cunny funt will come back and say that it was said by a crab however, saw this in Soldier today. Take a pat on the back....

    Int Corps’ superb work

    I recently returned from six months service in Iraq, where I was working with the Intelligence Corps.

    I am an RAF reservist, with 25 years’ military experience, yet confess to being shamefully ignorant until recently of the fine work undertaken by the Int Corps.

    Please allow me through the medium of your excellent magazine to publicly express my gratitude to my Intelligence Corps colleagues for an excellent tour of duty, where I witnessed first-hand the superb work done, most of which contributes directly to saving innocent lives. It is a pity that the nature of intelligence work precludes media coverage. I hope that this letter will go some way towards recognising the corps’ fine achievements.
  2. Brought to you by Soldier mag, a magazine Goebbles himself would have been proud of
  3. Which one of you was he shagging? :wink:
  4. before carefully taking aim
  5. You neglected to mention, K613, the kind Flight Lieutenant's address at the bottom of the letter is... Chicksands. Hmmm?


    ...but well done anyway.
  7. you've changed!
  8. Always remember that in our line of business a pat on the back is often a recce for the knife coming later.
  9. Does anyone know if this guy actually exists?

    Or is this just someone at quicksands just taking the mick, seems awfully suspect to me.
  10. "A pat on the back is just a recce!" is a well worn phrase in the Corps - Know Your Enemy!
  11. Or "know your enema" if you're into that sort of thing.
  12. Oh somebody pass the bucket PAALEAAAAAZZE!
  13. Oopps one step too far.
  14. The only time I got a pat on the back was when I collapsed trying to cross a field of cows after an afternoons drinking.
  15. Same thing happend to an entire cavalry regt and they still wear their cowpats in rememberance of that day!