Well done Tyne Tees News

On this evenings late news the announcer said that two heroes had returned to the North East today. One was Paul Collingwood and one was a Gunner, home from 'Gan. Equal time was given to a sporting hero back from Aus and a soldier back from Afghanistan, and how they were delighted to see their new born children.

Sometimes the media do get it right. Well done TTV.
Central do a lot of good work here too.
Tyne Tees do quite a lot of lengthy reporting on Forces issues. Just before XMas they did a good piece on the 19 Bde families. They have also done lengthy broadcasts on issues such as Housing and deployments and they've never missed broadcasting a single North East soldiers funeral either. They are big supporters of the Forces. Anything to do with amalgamations, the Old & Bold, 'Shot at Dawn', recovery of WW1 & 2 war dead, etc, always gets a good sized slot.

Having lived up here for a while, you get the feeling that being a soldier is still considered by the folks in the North East, as being an honourable vocation. Can't say the same for other parts of the country where I've served.


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It's the National Media that are the problem - in general, regional media, both press and broadcast, are far more in tune with what locals are actually thinking.

National media, especially in times like now, with the Government falling apart, are all completely partisan - the D Tel is entirely Tory, the BBC and Guardian NuLabour, the Mirror socialist, and the D Mail G Khanist.
True enough about local media.

The local paper group followed my unit to Kazakhstan on ex and sent journos out to Iraq, even though only three of us were from their catchment area. They also follow the local garrison regiment as well.

They have only ever pertraied us in a good light, we just need to get the red tops to do the same, even when it doesn't make a sensationalist front page.

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