Well Done Troops

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by DARKSYDER, Mar 20, 2003.

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    Well done to all thoses fellow Corps members who are concerned about OP SEC. This is good to see. I have just recently came across this website and it is good to see the Corps are looking after their well deserved reputation within the army for being complete geeks! I can't see anyone bored enough to type out current grid references and mess tin sizes of our comrades in Kuwait. But Jolly Hockey Sticks anyway!
  2. At times like this OPSEC is definately not a joke. Though I am all for freedom of speech ,which is one the things that the internet is about, I agree wholeheartedly with the ARRSE hierachy in their attempts to promote OPSEC on the site whilst the war is ongoing. There are a lot of people using this site who's day jobs give them access to all sorts of information, which if got onto the net, however innocuously or innocently could somehow prove useful to the Iraqi regieme or some other government, organisations or individual who would see harm done to our forces in the gulf. Leaks in the press and other areas of the media have in the past had the potential to cause serious damage.

    Thats why. And I'm not been petty or pointlessly ****. Rant over.
  3. Yeah!


  4. good relevant one to dig up g2.

    nakedbar, take note. there are plenty of journos who trawl this site looking for "stories" - your post the other day would have landed you a nice job serving fries in McDonalds, if a journo had seen it before it was edited.

    if you've got an issue with someone, either have the balls to say it in person, or shut the f*ck up. people who hide behind their anonymity to say things on here - which they would not dare say in real life - really grip my sh*t.

    when they take their cowardice even further and compromise OPSEC in order to score a couple of points off someone, they deserve a f*cking good kicking off whoever is closest.

    and remember - you are only anonymous on here, until you upset someone enough for them to bother finding out.
  5. Someone got out of the wrong side of bed this morning, or did you spend a night on the sofa?
  6. Dark - thanks for your sentiments - but I can’t quite work out if you are naive or taking the P. The value of this place as a bit of out of the chain of command stress relief and fun can not be underestimated - but the danger in getting it wrong again can’t be underestimated. Judgement and being grown up in judging the line to take is everyone’s responsibility.

    Welcome to your arrse :)
  7. Editor - thanks for your sentiments - but I can’t quite work out if you are naive or taking the P.

    At the risk of a Wah check out the dates, link it with CR's archeology thread and viola (No not the woodwind instrument but just bad spelling!) a blamange for breakfast.

    G2 :judge: Game on.............
  8. Red - a man admits his mistakes - its the pressure of work CR puits on me - I never have time to read it all - I'm the red one now :) :oops: :oops: :oops: :thumright:
  9. redarse with a red face eh? :)

    fraser, i'm always miserable until i get my first cup of coffee. manicb, chintonboy, editor - take note lol
  10. CR - Coffee delivered - buit I was a bit thirsty so I had to dring it - when it comes out again I will give you the results :)
  11. it will probably still taste better than your normal brews...
  12. well it will be at least 70% proof ....................
  13. Yeah!


  14. Eh?
  15. ..............was CR when Mortar Platoon had finished with him!!!!

    That's 3!