Well done to 105 Regt RA(V) on winning the NAA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Nov 28, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    We'll beat you next year :)

  2. Pleased to give you the opperchancity. :lol:

    Still nursing a hangover from the celebrations this weekend :D

  3. Only just saw this. Yeah, I'm still suffering from last weekend :p Good luck for next year msr ;)
  4. yep, well done to the Regt!

    Blockhead must be proud. :p

    Glad you are managing to survive without me.... but I'll be back some day ;)
  5. National Artillery Association - 105 Reg won the Queens Cup. So they're the best :)

    And 207 Bty are the best battery. Woop!
  6. for those of us who are not deaf what does it involve? And was it just TA?
  7. Same question different year!

    NAA - what's that? 2007

    See you lot down there!
  8. Well done 105. Always knew young Ross would go far... :)
  9. There is always next year.
  10. so its like the Courage Trophy for gunners?
  11. 105 Regt - awesome. took a few years off, just to let everyone else get up to speed of course (and the Regt learn old fashioned practices again) and still won!
  12. last year 106 won the queens cup and 210 won about 5 of the 9 trophies on offer

  13. yeah, that was last year ;)
  14. Yeah but last year all you bunnies bemoaned that it wasn't a real win and only the gunnery trophy mattered and how winning the Mickey Mouse events such as MT etc doesn't make you the best Regt, but apparently this years its all fine now :roll:

    Oh should I mention that 106 didn't enter the Mickey Mouse events this year :D

    Anyway whose turn is it to win it next year then ? :twisted: