Well done the Nurses!

Pink said:
Yes well done to the nurses, and for all the nurses that came before them that passed something, in fact everyone that has passed something well done, and for those that tried but did not pass well done for trying, Hurrah!![/b]
Well said Pink-one......well done the Nurses....have another pie, your looking thin lovey :roll:


I'm a nurse and I passed something incredible this morning!

Can someone give me a pat on the back please (or perhaps some anusol might be more useful...............a pie would be nice too!)
well done Tom, theres a certificate on its way.


Thank you all,

I'd like to thank my Mum, my line manager, to all who have supported me through the difficult times, to Andrex for being soft yet strong.......

........a special thank you to all those wonderful girlie QA's who kept me sustained on many a friday night by strategically leaving food in a variety of fridges throughout the QE.

I feel humbled and flushed with exitement!

(Any word on those pies?)


IRA QA's - has Gerry Adams released a statement yet?

Were the Balaclavas grey?

I'm starving.......I'd even do a HCA for a pastie.
or make a pastie out of one.

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