Well done that man...

Feckin' Aussie poof!
Do what the Kiwis do. Have a skinfull down the pub then ring home and get your 10-12 year old kid out of bed to drive you home.
School nights only of course as the little bleeders are out all weekend on the pull!
Tsk, kids these days eh?
I've got a couple of bottles of that in the fridge, half-decent. Better than fucking Fosters anyway. (So is warm cat piss)

What sort of fishing trip was he on? 50 cans, is that all? He must have been doing actual fishing instead of drinking, fucking puff.
oi.....leave it out, I've been tonguing for a VB.....aah, nothing fucking better.

* Australian Slang and Translations[/QUOTE]

There is one missing here that that made me larf years ago..........
"Fitter and turner" = Army cook .. Issued with good food, Fits it into the oven and turns it into shit!

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