Well done that man.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Abdiel, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. They only have to threaten him with being wheelclamped, and he'll be gone in a flash!

    Nice that he's made the point though.
  2. Over here the coppers would drag him out of the van then it would be towed away. Simple. Same goes for grubs in caravans.
  3. Couple of news items in Sydney this week about pikeys. Heard anything up your way?
  4. Doesn't ring a bell.
  5. Here ya go.THEY pay cash for their custom-built, triple-axle caravans towed by BMW four-wheel drives.

    They have convoys of "working" vehicles, invariably brand new Pajeros, while the women have Range Rovers.

    Many are millionaires.

    These are the modern gypsies, described by the NSW government as organised criminals to be targeted in a $1.4 million blitz.

    A detailed profile of gypsy crime gangs has been compiled by officers of the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

    More than 30 families with 1000 members have been identified carrying out multi-million dollar scams.

    The victims are nearly always elderly people targeted all over NSW usually involving dodgy roofing, pest extermination and concreting.
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    Sometimes known as "bitumen bandits", the gypsies promise cheap driveways but deliver inferior work at inflated prices.

    They have conned elderly home owners by providing pest control services using nothing but milk and water.

    They also do roofing work using poor quality materials.

    The "gypsy season" - September to April - is about to begin when they return from their European and American holidays. Investigators have a dossier of more than 770 vehicles and 450 mobile phones they can link to the gypsies. They have profiles of the families, lifestyles and how they operate.

    They use false names and addresses, swapping names among themselves.

    Most are transient but some have bought expensive homes in Wollongong and mid-north coast areas.

    The women are particularly religious, predominantly Catholic but known to attend Sydney's Allison Church. The men love boxing and harness racing and one well-known gypsy family own a number of Sydney trotters.

    "English gypsies have incredible wealth and don't mind flaunting it," an investigator said.

    "They spend holidays in Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast and love going to the Calgary Stampede. They fly around the world for weddings and have held lavish ceremonies here."

    Reports reveal many are Australian citizens and growing numbers are applying for permanent status.

    "We told Canadian border police about three gypsies going from Sydney to the Stampede festival," an officer said. "They were stopped, had $55,000 cash seized and denied entry. They simply went to Mexico and Las Vegas. Money is no object."

    Officials say the known gypsies would "earn" at least $30 million a year from their Australian operations.

    "That is a very very conservative estimate."

    Alex Johan, 69, a self-confessed thief and gypsy, appeared in a Sydney court last week to plead guilty to stealing from a number of old women after scamming his way into their homes with a female accomplice.

    Johan uses a number of aliases including the name Sterio, a gypsy clan around Sydney for decades.

    "They prey on the vulnerable and are cunning thieves," said Detective-Sergeant Trent Atkins, who arrested Johan.
  6. Poor ethnic minority being scape goated and marginalised again.
  7. I'd heard about the dodgy roofing people. Didn't know about the other stuff. They're probably the same grubs that drive around trying to sell stereo equipment "left over from a job. "
  8. Ah, the old empty speaker boxes weighted down with putty trick?
  9. Brighton and Hove Council can take vigorous action to move these people on if they wish. They need to revisit their policies for this kind of problem and beef them up. Of course people including travelers etc have rights but I don't see why they should have the right to be such a nuisance to others. Move them on asap.
  10. Sounds like a jolly read, linky?
  11. 3toox.jpg

    Poetic justice was served in the final paragraph ...
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  12. magnificent, it would be good to buy that curb a beer or 2
    shame our curbs aint as slippy
  13. Sorry, computer mong, try dailytelegraph.com.au and search "gypsy" or I'll have a go for you when I'm sober.
  14. Yep something along those lines. Used to hang around truckstops in a Mitsubishi express van.