well done that kid

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by exnorthener, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. Good lad, wish even more were like him.
  2. Good lad.
  3. Attacks a woman with a knife, then stabs a KID in the FACE and gets off with 8 years for attempted murder?
    Is it any wonder this country is a bag of bollocks, if you can do that and only get 8 years for it?

    So out in 4-6 and able to do it again.
  4. Well done the lad, however the judge needs to sort out the thug. 8 years, my god man it was attempted murder, if the lad had not jumped in it could have been 3 dead!
  5. Well done the lad.
    Judge - take yourself outside and give yourself a talking to. Fcukwit.
  6. 8 years for a blatantly premeditated act of attempted murder would be only just enough if 8 years actually meant 8 and not 4.

    Once more the "justice" system fails the victims and fails to punish the guilty.
  7. He'll be out in 4, after doing that!

    What do you have to do you get serious time?

    If you really hated someone, what seriously can anyone do to you of any consequence to stop you from breaking into their house and carving them up?

    Do you reckon I'd only get 4 years if I stuck a knife in Gorden Browns belly?
  8. Good Drills, young man. :salut:

    The judge needs a slap; 8 years, which means the cnut will be unlucky to serve more than 4... :evil:
  9. Not only that should it not have been two counts of attempted murder, having stabbed the boy in the face as well?
  10. OK - i think this is actually the point where I leave my youth behind and start to become my old man. 8 years for stabbing a kid in the face? What the fcuk is going on?
  11. I saw this, one nails kid.

    By the time the scrote gets out the kid will be a bit bigger, and given that he has a set of brass footballs between hisn legs he could go lucking for the scrote and give him a proper kicking.

    I'm just waiting for the young lad to get arrested for hurting that poor criminals feelings and bl;unting his knife with his face. This country, right now it's only a matter of time.
  12. Good drills that lad.
  13. Brave lad, but only 8 years WTF????