Well done that crewman

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by jaybee2786, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Most Arrsers carry that around their waist.
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  2. Shut up, you tool.
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  3. Will he be walking sideways?
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  4. 15st with full kit? I'm lucky if I can make 12!

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  5. I'm lucky if I'm below 15 with just my socks on
  6. Good skills.
  7. I would say visit the stores and sign out a sense of humour however as you've clearly spent your career there, not much point really.
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  8. Read the linked article. Then go and boil your head.
  9. Big pack, many miles, good cause, excellent! Well done that man Doesn't detract from my origional comment. Saying that, in the linked picture looks like the weight is distributed piss poorly, like he's got a bergan full of fighting tramps. It's hanging halfway down his back and whole weight seems to be supported by the waist belt with the shoulder straps an afterthought.

    Still, he's got to carry it so good luck.
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  10. It must be the fault of the newspaper for getting the picture all wrong. You'd have thought that they might have a military expert such as yourself on hand to verify little details like load distribution, etc.
  11. Doesn't need an expert mate. Just needs the chappy hoisting it on his back to think **** me, that ain't gonna feel right over a few miles.......
  12. Good luck to him!
  13. Give your head a wobble. I made 2 comments - )1 that most many arrse members are a few bloody stone overweight and 2) I wouldn't like to be carrying his bergan the way it's loaded and carried and suddenly it seems I'm worse than Hitler. Top marks to the guy and I'm sure he's as embarrased as I am that chompers like you get so infuriated during that sad hour between the start of the 6 o'clock news and an evenings worth of gash soaps that you have to relive the liberation of Belsen. Congratulations on winning the Cold War, proud of you and RIP to all your mates whose livers never allowed them to march stalwartly by your side. RIP dusty etc etc. You stroker,

    And definately good luck to him. Top effort.
  14. Assuming the casualty's mates weren't piling him into the bird, I reckon he's going to be walking a bit further this time