Well done Tescos in Gloucester

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrDragon, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. I called into Tescos in Gloucester last night, at the front of the store was a huge box covered in a Union Jack and a sign inviting people to donate toiletries etc that would be sent out to our troops in Afghanistan. The box was getting quite full as well.

    Can't say that I have seen this anywhere else so thought they deserve an honourable mention on ARRSE.
  2. Good on them.
  3. Err... It would be "good on them" if it was Tesco itself donating the toiletries, and not the public. Chances are the box belongs to some charity that will then collect it and send it to the boys and girls.

    I'd be surprised if they went as far as donating a box of Tesco value tampons. But I await to stand corrected.
  4. I'm absolutely outraged at the stance taken by this capitalist monst... erm... hang on a minute... no I'm not. Erm... Well done capitalist monster. Which reminds me: I must get my Club Card points transferred.

    Phew! That was close. A narrowly-avoided outrage-induced embolism. 8O

    Actually, I've just re-read the posts and I retract my non-outrage. I am now fully outraged at the mealy-mouthed stance adopted by the all consuming capitalist serpent that is Tescos. A company of such size could easily send a container vessel-full of Value tampons to Basrah at no significant cost to their annual turnover. Cnuts!
  5. A a serving member of the Tesco Imperial Stormtroopers, I can confirm you're allegations - they really are CNUTS! :x :evil:
  6. yes but they are a bit short of money, having made only 2.8bn profit last year
  7. What are they implying....we smell? outrage!!
  8. I'll having nothing detrimental said about the pioneering Sir Terence Patrick Leahy, Tezzer to his mates, Tesco figurehead, bloated capitalist, arch-exploiter in chief of overworked staff, purchaser of vast tracts of land - done to stifle competition, grader and checker of Tesco muesli (to ensure only 6 and a half raisins appear in every 2 kilos of cardboard offcuts), and lifelong Evertonian.
  9. It's part of a campaign from the Gloucestershire Echo for the lads out in Afghan, Tesco's in Cheltenham are collecting too I think. Well done them...
  11. Tesco have their own propaganda paper called - The one.

    I believe that this is worth a mention in it and also by publicising the matter, Tesco may take it on and contributmore. Maybe they could adopt a local unit or have a small paragraph on the troops to whom they have given.

    Propaganda for Tescos, stuff for the troops. Everyone is happy and me too, I shop in Asda :)
  12. You forgot to mention Terry always wears full Nazi uniform during board meetings, regularly sacrafices small children during Satanic rituals(he was on holiday in Portugal when Maddie went AWOL :twisted: )and was refused permission to open a Tesco in Moscow because even Putin thinks he's a slimy, treacherous, devious, back-stabbing CNUT! 8O
  13. Tesco did send Xmas boxes out to Iraq in 2003. The consistency of the contents suggested that they provided the stuff themselves. So they do have at least one example of their generosity.

    Why knock someone who is doing something that they're not obliged to do?
  14. We all know 'the public' are, in the main generous.

    It appears that possibly Tesco are being generous too.

    I want to know when is this clueless, inept, gang of spivs, who are pretending to govern us, are going to be generous?
  15. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    And don't forget the delightful Shirley Porter, gerrymanderer-in-chief of the eighties, who still hasn't paid her fines because she has no money, yet manages to keep her offshore majority holdings in Tesco (which her Dad, Sir Jack Cohen, founded), and to buy a three million pound house in London.

    Edited to add:

    Good on the Tesco's staff, who I'll bet are the ones really responsible for this most excellent initiative.