Well Done Tayforth

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by abacus, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. To the OCdts from TUOTC who took part in 51 Bde's Module 3:

    Well done, you did your UOTC proud.

  2. What did they have to do to merit your generously bestowed praise ?
  3. Module 3 = MTQ3 = Pre-RMAS Battle Camp


    5 Passes out of 5 OCdts who attended the full course.
  4. I'm claiming ignorance about PRACTAC. Anyone enlighten me?

  5. No way! That's amazing. How does Tayforth do it?
    Fcuking hell, doesn't every OTC put at least 5 folk thru that a year?
  6. TEWT delivered to capt / maj followed by O's delivery to CSgt.

    Usually also involves rows of collapsable chairs, people huddled under ponchos as it lashing it down and the namesake Practac Hill on Barrossa.
  7. As a matter of record this was the FIRST combined UOTC/DEPO Module3 ever, so fcuking hell, no they don't!

    Also as a matter of record, TUOTC were NOT the only UOTC with OCdts on the course.
  8. More or less right except it was a complex 7Qs Combat Estimate on the snow-covered Pentlands (Area B) and the Os (for a Company Deliberate Attack) required a model.
  9. Can we dispense with the limp wristed self admiration please. I'm sure your mummy gives you quite enough love, so as not to need ours.
    Anyone curious as where Tayfifth...sorry...Gayforce....hrmm....TAYFORTH are going to come this year in northern lights? I'm taking books as its much more interesting than guessing the winner. They'll come 3rd in at least one thing as wildcards are in force this year.....
    You can make yourself a hard target, but you are still a target.
  10. Shmayforth... Tayforth... Gayforth...

    Tayforth were not the first to pass module 3.
  11. no biters? too busy biting pillows. poovs.