Well done, Sergeant-Major! World Championships Bronze medal in rifle.

There's a photo of her in the gallery if you look really hard.

Don't know if she still has a squint on here, but if she does. Congratulations Maaaaa'aaaaam.
The GB Womens' team have picked up a Bronze medal in the 50m prone rifle team event - AIUI it's the first British team to come away from the World Championships with a medal, in nearly 30 years.

World Shooting Championships: Great Britain women win bronze in South Korea

One of the team members is WO1 Bruce (and yes, it's in the public domain) so congratulations :cool:

PS if you're interested, you're a good shot, and you haven't had a Court-Martial for stealing Army ammunition:
British Shooting

Can you actually kill anything with this..

So Bruce is a sheila?

Yours, confused of Wooloomooloo.
The competition they won bronze for was 50m prone, yet the picture shown on the BBC article is of Seonaid McIntosh standing. Not sure where this was taken but it seems more representative.

Better view of the display from the electronic target:

Baku (Not South Korea) Second from left I think:

Seonaid wrote a short article on training for competition.

If the link fails, copy and paste the hyperlink below and replace "DOT" with a "."
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Possibly something to do with the Saltire on her shoulder in the first picture?
My guess picture 1 is Commonwealth Games, hence sponsors logos covered, shooting for Scotland , picture 2 shooting for GB where sponsorship allowed.

Not so much covered as not velcroed on.

Mid upper arm has been swopped from sponsor to a Thistle.
Seonaid McIntosh is/was in the ACF.
Seonaid McIntosh is/was in the ACF.
Not quite - Dollar Academy CCF*. And she was a tenor drummer in their Pipe Band, so she's been a world champion in that**, too.

* First task: persuading fullbore rifle coaches that you are allowed (in fact, it's an advantage) to use a canted position in smallbore...

** Granted, in the Juvenile category, rather than Grade 1...
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