Well done Scarborough

I've not seen this in the press (yet!) but we've had an email from the South Bay Traders Association:

I thought you might be interested to hear of a new initiative launched in May 08 by Resort Town Of Scarborough Britians First Resort.

Heroes Welcome has been adopted by hundreds of the town's businesses form the hotels to theatres and restaurants to our major leisure attractions and casinos. The scheme acknowledges the difficult work that our armed forces do today in a positivle and direct fashion. By displaying a Heroes Welcome sticker( see Scarborough Evening News Web site for downloadable copy) supporters offer a warm welcome and where possible discounts and service or room upgrade to serving personnel. Our scheme has already won the support of HRH Prince of Wales and the Royal British Legion and we believe it is the first of its kind. The organisers hope that eventually other town and cities across the Nation will follow our example and take direct and positve action.

Service personnel who have recently visited Scarborough have been full of praise for the show of support. I hope you can help to get the news out to the Boys (and Girls). A web site is soon to be launched at http://www.heroeswelcome.co.uk. This will list all those taking part and the special offers available.
Stay safe and keep up the good work!
This sounds like a great initiative and hopefully any Yorkshire based ARRSErs may be able to say thanks to the good burghers of Scarborough on our behalf!

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