Well Done Rangers

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CAARPS, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Can’t be bothered to trawl back and find if there is a Rangers thread.

    Congratulations Rangers on reaching the Final. Great performance, especially in the shootout away from home.

    Well done boys, big party for the “Teddy Bears” in Manchester coming up
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Three UK teams in senior euro cup competitions for the year - brilliant!

    Well Done, Rangers

    Now ticket prices (and availability) for Manchester anyone?
  3. well chuffed for Rangers. I wouldn't call myself a Rangers fan but my family and most of my mates are so I know how much it means.

    Manchester better brace itself.
  4. (Hate to say it)

    But well done the Blue scum :roll:
  5. Is history repeating itself? Rangers last european final in 1972, we played a Russian team in the Cup Winners Cup. There was also 2 english teams in the final of another European final, Spurs v Wolves in the UEFA cup.

    Well done Rangers, lets show Advocaat and Ricksen what we're made of.
  6. Yeah but, they have never won the European Cup/Champions League :wink:

    (Sorry, had to).
  7. fair one, but is any scottish team likely to acheive that in the next decade?
  8. I know its tongue in cheek but considering the differences in budgets and player quality... its still quite impressive.

    A scottish team in the champions league final? If it happens, i'll eat my hat and buy every single arrser a pint.
  9. A great night for Rangers. Up against it all the way, but who cares. 3 British teams in Finals in Europes top competitions.

    In this day and age, it is amazing that any team in Scotland (yes Celtic did it in 2003 think that was the year) but the final is in Manchester. Can see the Thug element from all over the UK licking there lips for it. Hopefully the Police will be on the ball.

    Not bad for a 3rd rate football league...
  11. C'mon the Gers.....

    Also of the 4 European finalists 2 have Scottish managers and one has a boss who has the benefit of management in the SPL!
  12. Strange how Manchester are in a final in Russia and Rangers are playing Russians in a final in Manchester. Maybe Russian and Mancunian football fans who are struggling to find accom at either end could work out some sort of house swapping scheme while the games are on as I think they are within 7 days of each other.
    Well done anyway Manchester and the Gers ,not my two favourite clubs but you cant knock em.
  13. Well done the Teddy Bears, and thanks for knocking out Fiorentina, they turned us over and then you did them.
  14. Our pleasure, old chap! :twisted:
  15. Why say it then?

    I for one, am not happy. Typical blue tims.

    I think Advocaat and Ricksen will be licking their lips, a nice opportunity (sp?) for them to turn over a former club. 'Mon the Zenit!! :twisted: