Well Done Nicole Cook - 1st Gold for GB

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by slipperman, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. What an awesome display of fitness and guts from Nicole Cook this morning. A tremendous performance in atrocious conditions - well deserved. :clap:
  2. Aye was a splendid performance :D
  3. Very well done Nicole - a new Welsh heroine! :queen:
  4. Caught the last few mins on Eurosport. Bugger me, it was wet.

    Well done that girl.
  5. she's only human guru, her eyes ain't painted on & she does'nt cry splinters. :D :D :D :D
  6. Yeah, well done luv. Now the real prize, a date on the end of my stick.
  7. Tough sport, tough gal ! Well done lady and you looked good doing it. Get that champers down ye!
  8. Well done Nicole - a guttsy performance - finally Britain has something to boast about at this year's games!! :lol:
  9. A tough course and horrid conditions. Well done, now do the same on the track.
  10. Great stuff, and let's pay her the courtesy of spelling her name correctly - once again, well done Nicole Cooke. And now we have our first female swimming gold since 1960: a brilliant performance from Rebecca Adlington in the 400m freestyle. Congratulations Rebecca! :queen: And come on the lads, the girls are putting you all in the shade!
  11. Indeed, and a humble apology to Jo Jackson, who won us the bronze in the same race. Super stuff, ladies!
  12. Quick Question. Job done two days into the 'Limpics. Does she just go on the lash now and get shagged by some Swedish Pole vaulter?

    On a serious note. Damn well done.
  13. Pity they talked all through the National Anthem :evil:
  14. You two are poles apart on this one! I'm already leaving ...
  15. Did they? Ah well, that's modern kids for you. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the first time they'd ever heard it. :roll: