Well Done Mr Wedge!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by magazine_knife, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Well played Mr Wedge,

    Once again we can see the difference to how the RE are looking after their guys and PANTO & DRLC are pissing on the ATOs.

    With making EOD a trade within the Big Badge this means that the Operators will be able to receive EOD pay for the rest of their careers as it is continuing to be PID based. In fact it states that the RE will be receipt of EOD pay whilst they are in receipt of a daily rate of pay (Cite Soldier Mag).

    With the ATOs they will only receive it whilst they are filling a post on tour or within 11 EOD Regt (and a number of posts at the School).

    All the new Defence EOD Ops will require experience before sending them out to Afghan to fill a High Threat post that can’t be filled due to the shortage of qualified personnel. And realistically there is only one place that they are going to get that experience – 11 EOD Regt RLC. (I know that some of you will be gnashing teeth and jumping on the outrage bus, but this is not a slight as over 90% of EOD undertaken by British Forces is carried out by the RLC).

    So they are going to end up being farmed out to the Troops to do EOD duties leaving the resident ATOs to do all the other work as the D EOD Op is not qualified or capable.

    So well done (and I don’t mean that sarcastically).

    The EOD future may not be bright but it is definitely Wedge shaped.

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  2. You seem surprised!
  3. Saw this coming a long way off...... Sad really.
  4. Sad, agreed the RAOC and RLC have a history in IEDD they should be very proud of, its just a shame the RLC heads of sheds couldn't protect that history.

    Having said that "history" shouldn't get in the way of producing more C-IED teams and seeing as the RLC weren't going to throw more at it we've now got a combined effort.

    The future? Well maybe we will have a split and have those that store and those that destroy, which doesn't seem that bad, and we will have better trained RN/RE/RAF and dare i say it RLC......

    Fingers crossed!

  5. No wah guys. Whats the beef between you?
  6. My bold

    You can't separate the technical expertise from the ATO and expect him to be a good EOD Operator. The whole EOD ethos is based on his knowledge of ammunition and explosive design.

    You don't improve your space programme by sacking all your rocket scientists and expect you're mechanics to step up!

    I take it that you have had nothing to do with the Defence EOD Operators course!

    You might have been right if it was left as the 0801, JSIEDD and completely removed the IEDD in extremis, but with this cluster and the political pressure that it will work no matter what, it won't.
  7. Nice try :evil:

    If you're talking about RE v RLC - in relation to this thread there isn't one!
  8. What? We've started a space program. No one tells me anything these days.
  9. Dingerr, what you on about? You've been a space cadet all your career! :lol:
  10. What career? I was born a space cadet. I suppose I'm now a spacker cadet 8O
  11. Dingerr don't let them get you down, stand up for youreslf...... oh wait!!
  12. Please expand on this, how are we actually being pissed on? The problem within HQ DRLC is they have a minimal staff to look after 13(?) trades and approx 16000 personnel. This is not an excuse to what I see as being neglected, but we are not actively being pissed on.

    There is no doubt that DRLC loves his trucks, but it does not help that we are still stuck with the requirement to maintain LSRs to provide Log for Divisions and therefor have to have lots of trucks.

    As I understand it the RE are struggling to find Searchers, RESAs and BDOs and that anyone undertaking these roles would be at a disadvantaged as they would be out of trade whilst searving with an EOD Regiment. The reintroduction of EOD as a trade is the RE way of ensuring they have a ready supply of suitably qualified personnel. If they move to a PID that does not attract EOD pay, then they will not receive EOD pay, regardless of qualification.

    Not all posts within 11 Regt attract EOD pay.

    Absolute rubbish. It's all about qualification and NOT experience. The experience comes with time.

    Most ATs/ATOs would be glad of extra personnel to take a turn with the pager. As for the other work, I would like to think that it's hardly going to break some people, but with a lowering of standards by certain personnel. Stop over inflating a few unit inspections, GW duties and Ammo Incident investigations.

    Grow up you big baby.
  13. Dingerr - you know we have a space programme, you are one of those recently in orbit!
  14. I think part of the problem with the RLC in recent years, is that it has had a bit too much of a 'transport' focus with regards to the development of doctrine, trg and equipment.
  15. Agreed, to the detriment of a lot of trades.