Well Done Mr Wedge

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Well played Mr Wedge,

Once again we can see the difference to how the RE are looking after their guys and PANTO & DRLC are pissing on the ATOs.

With making EOD a trade within the Big Badge this means that the Operators will be able to receive EOD pay for the rest of their careers as it is continuing to be PID based. In fact it states that the RE will be receipt of EOD pay whilst they are in receipt of a daily rate of pay (Cite Soldier Mag).

With the ATOs they will only receive it whilst they are filling a post on tour or within 11 EOD Regt (and a number of posts at the School).

All the new Defence EOD Ops will require experience before sending them out to Afghan to fill a High Threat post that can’t be filled due to the shortage of qualified personnel. And realistically there is only one place that they are going to get that experience – 11 EOD Regt RLC. (I know that some of you will be gnashing teeth and jumping on the outrage bus, but this is not a slight as over 90% of EOD undertaken by British Forces is carried out by the RLC).

So they are going to end up being farmed out to the Troops to do EOD duties leaving the resident ATOs to do all the other work as the D EOD Op is not qualified or capable.

So well done (and I don’t mean that sarcastically).

The EOD future may not be bright but it is definitely Wedge shaped.

Copied in the RLC thread.
The writing was on the wall from the moment EOD pay came in and the 0801 EOD course was shamefully considered equal to that of High Threat IEDD operator.
I think you'll find EOD pay is a 'Financial Retention Incentive'. Being as most EOD wory on the outside is in the demining world, it stands to reason more 801's are finding work on the outside, hence the need for a financial incentive to stay in.

It has nothing to do with wether high threat and 801 are equal, it has to do with filling posts, and I'm guessing the decision was made by people higher & cleverer than you and I.

And your facts about EOD pay are wrong, RE's only recieve it when they are in an EOD PID.


For those that have not noticed IEDs do not check people's capbadges before they go off. We are all on the same side here gents, working to the same purpose. So I am afraid that mindless RLC v RE EOD spats on the Sapper Board will be culled (like this one) and then locked.
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