Well Done Middle Wallop

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Ralf, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. Just thought I'd say a big well done to all those involved with the 50th Birthday bash... What a fantastic day it was. Great to see so many people, past and presently serving, but lets not forget those who are no longer with us. It was one of them "proud to be a part of it" moments....But back to normal on Monday ...Ho well!

    Thank you all very much.....and most of all stay safe were ever you be.

    P.s. hope to make it to the 100th Birthday bash....so Im off to my oxygen tent now.
  2. Why does my head hurt so much?

    Fantastic day/night.

    It was great seeing all the old pals in one place.

    Going to the bog was a challenge as it took approx 1 hour each time after bumping into everyone!

    We should do this more often!!!!!!
  3. Flash you are so right....nearly p!ssed myself several times....Lets start campaigning for the next bash......
  4. A superb event! Roll on the 100th!!!
  5. Thats because you pestering women by the toilets.

    Well done one and all. A great day out.
  6. There is a little more to it with Flash and his trips to the bogs.

    Did you notice the thunderboxes had a handbrake sized lever next to the trap, ribbed handle and almost phallic shaped.

    Every 20 minutes or so, Flash would empty whatever he had in his pint pot down the throne and impale himself on the handle. He boasted on the way back to the house that he managed all but for of them.....
  7. Did notice that his missus was getting impatient about his whereabouts until you briefed her about little boys etc. Then he came back with a smile and a limp. :D
  8. What a day, so many people and so little time!
  9. How on earth do you remember, you were mullered by 2 o clock :D
  10. Exactly, My body was their for the duration but sadly my mind gave up after just 2 hours of drinking time.
  11. It was a good day/night from what I can remember of it. Although the music that was playing at the bbq was a little random???? That just might have been the booze playing with my head!
  12. A little random?

    How very dare you

  13. Mutts. I got a photo of your head;


    Taff, I'd take 'random' as a compliment mate. Top show btw. The Aussies chucking themselves off the roof into the crowd was 'random'.....

    mdn, the QM asked where his table is. Any ideas?
  14. Taff ignor him/her/it, you were all f*&king ace as usual, Great to hear you guys after along time apart.

    Keep on Grooving :headbang:
  15. Twas a giggle though, stage diving aussies, (Started by 1 regt btw) watching flashy have a little bop at 1 point, and seeing Ralf and our mutual Bird surnamed mate get completely trollied, just like the BBC old days.

    I nearly cried