Well done MAC

sad how things never seem to improve or change.
The cartoon reminds me of a scene from Zulu, where they can't get the rounds out until the qm/commisariat officer signs off on it being allowed.
Reminds me of a visiting General on Telic 2 asking an ARRser if he had any problem getting hold of 9mm ammo.

No problem says Arrser - I buy it down the market.

That chap is a moderator now
Sad but true!

Welcome to Liebour's penny pinching Government that could'nt administer themselves let alone the Country
So what is the cost of 5.56 round(s).

I feel a plan coming on - yes, it was/is inspired by beer, so may actually work.

In the meantime ......

info on other training items for phase 1 training (assume what they stand up in is available)

err - anything else

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