Well done Joe Calzaghe

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Mattybouy, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Well done Joe Calzaghe. I didn't think it was the best fight i've seen but he did the job and still world champion.

    Good luck in the future and good luck to Ricky Hatton next month.
  2. He won tonight?

    (Edited to add No Sky TV etc)
  3. Wah.
  4. Just googled.

    Why the wah?
  5. He dropped his hands and showboated to early and to much for me, that danish bloke was no mug. Well done Joe.
  6. You can't wah a wah!!
  7. He should just box like he can.....he needs to stop showboating, he's a great boxer an will go along way......superb.
  8. You taking the pi$$. He is 35, defended his title for 10 years, with 21 defences of the WBO title and has just walked away with the WBC & WBA titles as well after embarresing the former holder in the ring.

    What exactly do you think he can do to go further?
  9. Well i think his next defence should be with one hand tied to his belt and the challenger should be a rabid lion. Then if he wins that one I MIGHT give him the respect he claims he is due. :roll:
  10. He must have an awesome chin to take those upper cuts from the big dane...

    Well worth staying up to watch. I thought it was a good fight, the best fighter won, but Kessler can go home with his pride intact.
  11. Yeah, it was a good fight and Joe did well. Kessler landed some decent uppercuts and made the fight competitive throughout until Calzaghe took control late on.

    I don't know who he's gonna fight next. They're talking about Bernard Hopkins. However, the fight I'm really interested in is still a month away. That'll be a big 'un. Vegas here I come.
  12. I've got tickets to Hatton too........

    He's going to have to entice him into a toe to toe brawl or I think he'll struggle.
  13. Tickets to the actual fight or the CCTV showing???
    Just interested....as I have the latter. Proper tickets were far too expensive...

    Should organise some kind of ARRSE get-together in Vegas and show them Yanks how British squaddies party (as if they don't know already!!!!!)
  14. doh nut you are a lucky SOB!

    I'm going but haven't got a ticket, so just going along for the atmosphere really.
  15. Managed to get two tickets.

    Also booked tickets for an audience with in Manchester next year, but might not be here so probably going to flog them