Well done France!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by phil37, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. Well done to the French for drawing a line on the immigration fiasco. Without doubt, many immigrants are a drain on our economy and health service. Whatever their race or religion, they're not welcome.
  2. And stop congratulating France, it's unnerving me.
  3. Indeed. The BBC has some pictures here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_pictures/8268513.stm
    My thoughts though are that they just seem to be looking for an easy ticket to the UK. There are plenty of banners there declarign themselves to be refugees, but not one of them tried to claim asylum in France and many are protesting that they are now to be processed there!
    IMHO, it's not asylum seeking but migration\illigal immigration they are after.
  4. The last time anyone English congratulated France, it was for the gleaming whiteness of their Battle flags
  5. Interesting perspective,but where will these people go?Will this simply increase the pressure to get to the U.K. no matter what?
  6. We already know the answer to that one :x
  7. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Calais-Immigrant-Jungle-Evacuation-French-Police-Dismantle-Camp/Article/200909315385790?lpos=World_News_News_Your_Way_Region_4&lid=NewsYourWay_ARTICLE_15385790_Calais_Immigrant_Jungle_Evacuation%3A_French_Police_Dismantle_Camp
  8. I happen to be going to Waterloo this weekend; I shall be happy to thank any passing Frenchie I meet on the way to Belgium, and tell him we're pleased there are no hard feelings.
  9. Wasn't there talk of an underlying deal that our glorious leaders made with the wavers of the white flag, in that we would accept some of the scum that inhabits the shanty town if the froggies cleared the site?

    There are in excess of 63 million people on these islands and approx 60 million acres; WE CAN'T LOOK AFTER OUR OWN, WE ARE BROKE, WE ARE FULL!

    Stop feckin' patting froggy on the back!
  10. I was watching it on the One Show last night on the special report - when asked why they risked all to get to Britain, they reckoned it was for a 'passport' - correct me if I'm wrong, but we all get EU bio-passports now, so what's the difference between applying in France or Eng? The bit that wound me up though, was Matt Lucas and Adrian 'fat-smug liberal lefty' Childes banging on about how great it is welcoming them over here to enrich our culture etc etc...
    Why not just be honest about it and say we cannot cope with the amount of people we already have here swamping the NHS, benefits office etc. Sure, I don't have a grudge against immigrants - they're only doing what anyone would do in that position. It's our free-for-all they're really after, ask any dole-queue loving chav (be sure to ask before his 7th can of Wife-Beater mind, else he'll probably stab you for mussling in on his turf, innit?)
    No doubt the Daily Mail will have some kind of amusing anti-immigrant spin on this...

    I blame Gordon Brown.
  11. Just as well he's not getting the magic ticket across the channel. Check them eye's he's infected 28 days later style!!

    Boohoo no spunging off us

  12. 7.62mm to the back of the c*nts head......
  13. This is exactly what grips my sh1t.

    If someone leave a country they should claim asylum in the first country they arrive in after leaving the country they have a problem with.

    They should not be able to bimble about the EU (illegally) until they can hitch a ride to UK.

    I watched a UK Cop prog a while ago who found some Iraqis hiding in a lorry, they released them from their transport, gave them bottles of water, took them to the Police Station where they were given money and told to travel to somewhere in London where they would be processed.

    How many showed up? Not difficult to guess that answer.

    If they have entered the country illegally they should be shipped straight back to the last country they were in. Be an ideal job opportunity for all these wasted Chavs to help them on their way.

    Hurrumphhh.............Rant Over
  14. Believe it or not I agree with F.F. they should be returned to their own country,just herding them onto the Greeks sets them up for yet another bloody awful trip back to the nearest point to the U.K.While I'm very grateful for the English Channel,as most of these people(as reported) are Afghan, doesn't the fact that( for whatever reasons) N.A.T.O./E.U. forces are carrying out a war in their country, mean that some more effective intervention should be undertaken?For instance return them home and work with the Afghan authorities to find some kind of meaningful employment and accommodation.This does not seem beyond the abilities of the E.U.My immediate concern is that they do return home pissed off and with a grudge against the 'English' who got the French to throw them out,only to meet a man who gives them an A.K. and says now get you're revenge.
  15. I do have some sympathy with the French on this one (never thought I'd hear myself say that!). As the Mayor of Calais has been saying, this is all our fault (the UK) by having a free handout culture. As has been said before, these people are not asylum seekers. If they were they would be shouting about it! They are ecomonic migrants and therefore have no special call on our generosity. Ship them back from whence they came. It might discourage the rest!