Well done England Safety Equipment

Winners , the Queens Award for Enterprise. :D


The world's first inflatable body armour jacket has won a Midlands company a Queen's Award for Enterprise.
England Safety Equipment first developed the system two years ago and it is now used by special forces and police teams around the world.

The Birmingham-based company produces a number of versions, including one that will deflect explosive bullet tips.

A total of 145 Queen's Award winners have been announced to mark Queen Elizabeth II's 80th birthday.

Andrew Kerr, managing director of England Safety Equipment, explained that the armoured inflatable jacket developed from an earlier inflatable top it had developed specifically for fishermen.

"Conventional life jackets obviously have no protection against bullets and you can't put a life jacket under armour as it would crush your ribs," he said.

"We go around the world now meeting foreign special forces teams, so we get to meet some interesting people."
I know Andrew Kerr from Englands very well, they make a lot of cutting edge safety equipment for aircrew, and they have donated an awful lot to various Brit Mil expeds. A small company but a good bunch of blokes. Well Done to them.
Sounds too good to be true. Inflatable and can withstand armour-piercing? With a matching helmet and trousers and gloves, we can ditch armoured vehicles and have an invincible infantry. Or have I misunderstood the concept?

Perhaps it also needs to be fire-proof.

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