Well done chaps. Oh, and last man out, turn off the lights.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Errrr - didn't we have a spate on stories on this matter this time last year - seems to be the same story dug up again. So people get an extra week off and its a defence cut?
  2. So, are you officially denying it?

    While savings would not be huge, they'd probably cover, say, a Prime Minister doing a whistlestop PR exercise to the sandpits.
    Every little helps.
  3. Spinning the MOD line again jim. I wouldn't be surprised if its true. Buy the way, how are the new pictures? Go well with the comfy chairs no doubt. Pity they couldn't have swapped some MOD tat for a new boiler in my JNCO's quarter, as he has been without one now for 6 weeks
  4. I'm sceptical about this; one of the units I was with four years ago looked into this as a method of cost saving but worked out that the savings would be negligible; most of the buildings still need heating, some 24 hour functions need maintaining so messing needs to be up and running and you're only talking aout an extra week or two which is a pittance in energy bills.
  5. Hmmm an extra week off to recognise how hard we are working... but it only went to UK units huh? I guess the Division stationed in Germany needs to work harder next year to get the same benefit... yeah of course its not a cost cutting measure!!!
  6. Not my UK based unit, unless I extended and it came off my annual allowance (or maybe we haven't been working hard enough either :oops: ).

  7. You take the rough with the smooth, the lads and lasses will be working like fcuk for the rest of the year so good on any CO's who have done this.

    Whats the alternative headline the scumbag journalists could of wrote.
    Tax payers money wasted on heating and electric on empty Service accomodation and buildings.

    Your damned if yo do, damned if you dont.
  8. It's another complete non-story. We've had an extra weeks leave this Christmas just as we did two years ago. Why? To ensure we get maximum time off with families and friends before another Herrick. I'm sure most Bdes do this nowadays irrelevant of theatre.
  9. I'm not denying this, nor do I have any idea how comfy the chairs are in MB, never having held a post in that building (I was over the road).
    I'm saying that this story was out last year, and that while some units may be getting extra leave, all the ones I know had 2 weeks and are back tomorrow. I'm not aware of any MOD edict to go on leave and save money.

    As a contrast, two or three years ago during a mild autumn, they delayed turning the heating on at COLLINGWOOD as there was no need for it at the time - there was a cold snap and a couple of baby matelots complained - cue "MOD scrooges keep heating off to save money" stories. The fact that it was stifling hot with the heating on was ignored, and I'm sure if it had been on there would have been "MOD fools waste money with heating on during warmest autumn on record". However you play it, you just can't win. As always there is more than one side to this story and it pays to look beneath the deliberately inflamatory headlines.
  10. In 24 years in I had this happen once and was at an RAF Station.
    To cut the budget on heating, light etc (unit had to make a huge saving as it was running out of money) we were told on the Monday that we would finish on the Wednesday (a week early) and return 4 days later than originally planned 'nice to get a near 4 week break not off the leave card'

    As a consequence though there was a lot of damage to repair (heating systems, air con, damp) due to systems and buildings being simply shut down instead of being kept on frost prevention (the station energy manager even got an award one year for saving on the energy budget pity the repair budget did not get linked to it)
  11. Sorry but we had 3 weeks in germany too... i know this i was on rear party....again
  12. I remember the 'moratorium on defense expenditure' from the early 1970's, which basically equated to knocking off at lunchtime on Friday to save having to light/heat offices and workplaces.

    Long(er) weekend anyone?