Well done BFBS!

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by heidtheba, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. Although not usually a big fan I have to congratulate them for a job well done last night.

    It took the form of a 'Sunset Cruise' from Dhekelia down towards Larnaka bay. Food was good, company better (at least 2 other ARRSERS) and the beer was ice cold :D

    The main thing was we raised around 700euro for the Big Salute.

    So cheers and well done to Chris Pearson and Neil Skinner for providing a great night :salut:
  2. Neil Skinner? That name rings a bell.
  3. He is quite a well travelled DJ.

    Recently, he has been in NI the Gulf and obviously is now in Sunny Cyprus.
  4. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Another one happening from Limassol this week and we're planning more in the east & west in September... see ya there!
  5. You obviously know who I am :wink:

    Wonder who you could be :? :D

    Looking for some photos to e-mail mate.
  6. Was Anya there? Are her breasts really as big as in her photos? Did you?
  8. LOL

    Nice one!

    Photos would be much appreciated... you haven't seen me right!

  9. Went on 2 of these when at Akrotiri...best evening out bar none...Dave Simpson played some very rude records...laffed a lot...drank a lot...fell asleep in the bow and even got given a blanket...result
  10. Dave Simon?
  11. Dave Simon

    then click on meet the presenters

    'Dave Simon
    Dave's career is widespread, starting with the Canadian Forces Network and then commercial radio in the USA with KISS FM , ROCK 103, SOUTH 106, and the legendary Florida Pan Handle Station WOOF FM.
    Dave's ambition in life is to keep his hair as long as possible, never wear a tie and to still be alive when England win the World Cup!'

  12. FFS, Neil get that photo off of there :D

    Getting Mrs htb to sort some photos out.

    No names, no pack drills, remember? :wink:

    See you Sep, Nickfest you see :D
  13. I was correcting Ispeakcrabandpongo who'd said Dave Simpson :)

  14. in that case, I too stand corrected, could I have a BFBS mug please.