Well Done BBC & ITV

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RABC, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Why did the BBC read out a statement from the bombers convicted today ?

    Why does Panorama think it a good idea to dissect and publicise the way the security services tracked them down ?

    Thanks ITV for showing us how good a bomb you can make with Fertiliser and Diesel !!!

    and they call themselves Public Services !!
  2. 1. Can probably get it off the internet.

    2. Can't say, I didn't watch it.

    3.Easily available off the internet.

    Can't really see the problem here, most of that information would be easily available if you wanted to find it.
  3. I think the statement that was read out was from one of the cleared defendants.

    Dont have a problem with the Panorama program, to the layman it may provide comfort that the Security Services have occasional good results. But most of the program will be assumed Security Service methods.

    As previously been said, Internet will tell you a lot easier ways of making explosives!
  4. For some reason I watched the programs on both BBC and ITV and I must say that I found them to be identical and almost too well put together. I'm not sure what the "message" was that they were trying to put out (behind the news aspect) but there seemed to be an unhealthy amount of blame being put on the sy services for not preventing 7/7. *tin foil hat on* Its almost like the producers of the programs were trying to divert the blame for the attacks happening onto the sy services!! *tin foil hat off*
  5. I would imagine the trial transcripts would be a matter of public knowledge and available to read. That probably why certain info is not make available to the prosecution so that it can not be in the public domain.
  6. ..

    Great, the Security Services got a (good) result.

    Now, Uncle Tom Cobley & All want an enquiry as to why they didn't intercept the 7/7 bastards. Thankfully, Reid's rejected that call.

    As with many other underfunded / overstretched Services, the bodies can be either "doing their Job", or, generating a defence of their previous actions.

    Personally, I'd prefer them to be searching for the next gaggle of terrorists, rather than looking back at 'what might have happened'.
  7. Strikes to me as a bit of "hearts and minds" but on home turf, one second about our dear prince going to do his bit, next about theses nasty men that our making bombs in our own back yard!
    Is it just me that thinks that 80 % of civilians are naive and stupid? By no means do I don a tinfoil hat, but for forks sake. MORNING FOLKS!!!! what do you think we have been running around streets, fields and deserts etc for the past few hundred years!!!???!!!
    As for instructions on what explosions can be made at home just watch Brainiac "will it fizz or will it bang?" scribble scribble, seriously this stuff has been on the net for years. Most however is dangerous, not in the fact its explosive but more that the ratios and methods are a bit Bucknall.
    Due to ANFO's water apsorption tendencies maybe the sneakys should look for increased clingfilm and bin bag sales lol :twisted:

  8. It'll be harder to pick up the trail of any new groups now that the media have revealed how its done!
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    & just what do you think PIRA were making bombs from?
    Not exactly new is it?
  10. good for you,

    However given the opportunities missed, i'd like to think they'd spend a little time looking back at what might have happened and what didn't, to ensure such an apparent magnificently butterfingered calamity doesn't in fact occur again.
  11. So is kiddie porn, but I would not want it on my telly......
  12. Agreed to a certain extent Rabc but ANFO is a well known commercial explosive (ammonium nitrate fuel oil) as any hard rock miner/ policeman / fireman/ ATO/ and just about every terrorist/ anarchist/ spotty teenager in the western world knows. so its public knowledge. fortunately it is a bit tricky to set off!
    But its typical lets shaft our procedures for a short term PR hit. Happens everywhere in every law enforcement organisation. Trust me on that one I know!