Well Done, Ash!


Call me picky, but if you're going to swan around on red carpets in haute couture then you make sure that you don't have tennis shoe white feet and sports bra tan lines. She's a woman. I shouldn't have to tell her these things.

Thankfully no tatts though, so I'd probably still do her.

Her white feet do look a bit odd, but not ugly. As for tan lines, I used to like seeing white patches on girls in magazines as it was like they were giving you a treat. I cannot see why they are a big 'no no'. Maybe you would have preferred her to wear something less revealing, with leggings and 'sensible' shoes?

Heather Watson should keep at it just so we can continue looking at her pants. She's pretty crap at the game and rarely gets beyond the first round of anything, so blink and you'll miss them. But there's more to tennis than... er... tennis.

What are you like at Tennis, then?

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