Well done Argentina!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Latissimus_Dorsi, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. Well, for all rugby fans out there. Was that one of the best opening games ever? Argentina were truly outstanding, France did not no what to do and were totally outplayed. I for one was glad to see Argentina win, (even if I am a Falklands Vet) as I think France were far too confident going into this game.

    How can anyone compare poofball (sorry football) as a better game than rugby when you witness such outstanding levels of physical conditioning; team and player committment; game plan/tactics and professionalism. When France were under the hammer not once did I hear or see a French player argue or abuse the referee.
  2. while no fan of soccer ... I heard recently that UK homegrown hardline muslim imams think soccer is decadent, corrupting and first against the wall come the islamic revolution.
    Now while the bearded loons have a point... almost made me think fondly of the mincing, overpaid, cheating cnuts ... soccer players not the imams!
  3. :lol:
  4. Argentina were brutal!

    I may be a bit cock-eyed but I think France would have been sunk without trace had it not been for Betsen.

    Two French players would never be capped again if I was in charge of French rugby: Martin and Heymens - what planet were they on?
  5. the argentine footballers don't seem to be on this planet either. They just lost to the Germans 11-0. HA.
  6. Ok, it was the womens teams, but with let's face it, with footballers whats the difference!
  7. I completely agree, without Betsen, the French would have been lost by a lot more.
    Betsen is almost always outstanding. Remember the job he did on Wilkinson, awesome.
    Also anyone think its odd that given Britain and Argentina were at war less than 25 years ago and the French have been "allies" for well over 100 years, the British overwhlemingly support Argentina?
  8. we fought the french from 1066 till 1815 ... the french are annoying arrogant obnoxious selfish etc etc etc ... they leave us in the lurch EVERY TIME we bail them out... they are intent in wrecking this country via the EU.
    I would support al qaeda before the french and I think al qaeda are a bunch of murdering cnuts!
  9. Brutal? Did you see the 1st half of South Africa v Samoa? Like a trailer for Jurassic Park.
  10. I thought Samoa were impressive in the first half at least, if england don't get their act together they could struggle against samoa.
  11. Depends how they play it. Avoid route 1 and use their backs, they should be ok.
  12. We have RSA first.

    Brilliant game, the best so far. AUS, NZ Etc were expected to stomp on the opposition and they did.

  13. GEORGIA giving ARGIES a hard time.
    TRUST ME TO OPEN MY BIG MOUTH! (Argie try & conv!)